You know, you try to be peaceful, professional, honest, a good person, forthright, bloody kind, helpful and respectful but sometimes you get that time wasted or taken for granted in all walks of life. One wonders why to even bloody bother anymore, just don’t give a f*** anymore at this stage. No good. Era f*** it all, you’d get fed up and sick of various bull in life and all the scams, false prophets and false crap of the world.

Trust God and that’s it. Simple as that.

The older you get in life the more one values how lucky you are to even be alive firstly, without a shadow of a doubt, and secondly, the precious time that you have left on this Earth.

Not to be wasted at all. Not even a second of it. Of course, the best is in the after life in heaven but each to their own with their beliefs, respectfully.

As ultimately, this thing doesn’t last forever. We are all only here temporarily, whatever way you look at it.

You meet some great people in boxing over the years and in life in all countries but for sure some f****** snake rat pieces of s*** who will get a rude awakening and dealt with if they think various people will take any of their s***. If even the slightest, smallest bit of disrespect to anyone we are connected to, just for one second even, on this platform, God f***** help them.

Snapped at an airport at the weekend around plenty of army and police who did sweet f*** all the lot of them, and were apologetic, and will be damned if we’ve come this far with everything on this platform. We watching. Push people, see what happens, don’t expect not to get pushed back or a way worse push. Always try to be kind and helpful with people but there are limits. There is justified consequences and legal remedies to everything. Only as a last resort of course. If someone hits you, self-defense says hit them twice as hard back. Rare occasions only when self defense is required. Not speaking about violence, no, the furthest thing from it, just protection of you and your family.

Forgiveness is not easy. God help some people if this forgiveness journey is not completed. Seriously. Everything being watched closely now in boxing, and in life. Discovered many things. We’ll have some great content soon hopefully. Not negative stuff, enough of that crap out there but plenty of positive stuff in helping making boxing a better sport regarding some of these disgraceful judging decisions.

Boxing gets a bad wrap overall, though. It has taken more black eyes outside the ring surely.

Certainly these times for the world one would hope brings aspects of the boxing industry closer together now.

Otherwise, good luck, they’ll regret it big time and we’ll have nothing more to do with some aspects of it. That it’ll be it then. Word to the wise.

We are doing great now and prefer to focus on the boxers. That’s it. Not the bull, lies in the politics of it, or the ego merchants in aspects of boxing. F*** all politics in anything moving forward. Adios.

Boxing is a great sport. No doubt about it. The best one, for us at least at BNAV.

The stories are in the boxers themselves. What some of these boxers overcome and exhibit in the ring is remarkable.

Bit p***** off in limbo at the moment after not being able to head to Jerusalem for two days this Easter. Gutted to be honest and still fuming. Particularly after losing out on accommodation there too. What a joke. You’d bloody get sick of it all and fed up after a while. This has been documented though. All this bloody waiting around is starting to get old now but certainly more time to work hard and look at various things moving forward. The devil makes time for idol hands, have to stay busy all the time in life. This has been a long, long bloody journey. Too long and we’ve dealt with a lot of bluffers, spoofers along the way only wanting what they can f***** get. Just getting started though. Once we are finally in the place we need to be full-time at long, long bloody last soon.

On a positive note, a lot to look forward to with some good fights coming up.

Australian Ebanie Bridges this weekend coming up who’s really brought women’s boxing to the forefront in recent times.

Along with Claressa Shields and many others.

Over the coming months more and more boxing action looks like it will be picking up too.

With some crowds even allowed more by the looks of things. Permitting safety measures being allowed first and foremost — which is understandable.

We can’t wait to be at some of them. We’ll have a lot more exclusive content on here very soon. God is good. All the time.

Thank you to our readers around the world for your continued support.

Good times for boxing and reality on the way shortly. Roll on. Do dee f****** doo.

Happy Easter Monday. Although not easy maybe for some, certainly in light of the world situation currently, let’s remember this time at Easter is about Jesus Christ. Christ was the prince of peace.

Not easy to do certainly sometimes and concept to apply. We’re only trying to be better people than we were yesterday, after all.

Certainly p***** off being away from my family in America this Easter. Again. Christmas not long bloody gone either. This is the last time f****** time now though. For real, for real. Or else.

Made a call this morning and good to see things being taken a bit more bloody serious now and things look like they should be speeded up with this damn US Visa wait and process here in Turkey. About bloody time. Sick of this f****** time difference for work at this stage. No more.

On Easter, of course, respect to anyone who believes in anything else too regarding Easter this year. Each to their own. No trip to Jerusalem. No chocolate Easter Eggs even this year either. Pretty s*** Easter all f****** round away from my people again like Christmas. Not for long though.

Have a good one wherever in the world you might be today. Take care.


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