Blonde Boxing Bombshell In Amazing Shape For Biggest Fight To Date

Not long to go now until perhaps one of the most talked about women’s boxing fights in recent times takes place.

A battle between Australian Ebanie Bridges and the UK’s Shannon Courtenay on April 10th.

It’s a fight that actually has come out of nowhere, in a sense.

Bridges catapulted to attention after her last fight in March, more than any so far, and it just seemed a natural fight to make.

So it was.

Ahead of the fight Bridges has been clearly putting in the work and looking good:

The interest Bridges has been able to create for herself and women’s boxing has been considerable in such a short time frame.

Almost unexplainable logically, in truth. Fair play.

Let’s hope the fight lives up to the hype, we’re sure it will.

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Have a good Easter and enjoy the boxing this weekend. Some great fights in store, not least this one:


American and Irishman Meet In The Middle East Desert

American And Irishman Meet In The Middle East Desert