Borrero Reveals Lockdown Weight Cut Secrets As He Goes For Success

Champion In The Making Illustrates The Science Of Weight Management

Undefeated nephew of Puerto Rican boxing legend Tito Trinidad, Joey Borrero, returns to action this weekend.

Borrero is gathering momentum all the time as he focuses on securing a world title shot.

He fights in Mexico this Saturday.

Before the Canelo Alvarez fight card starts in the US later that night on DAZN in Florida.

We’ll share info on post fight-video or streaming beforehand of Borrero’s fight.

Either here or on our Facebook page on fight day.

Certainly post-fight content for sure.

Borrero (7-0-7KO) who is for now independently fighting his way to the top is focused on making it another big win this weekend in Mexico.

Despite the world circumstances.

Here is footage of his last knockout not long ago, also in Mexico.

He is used to doing things the hard way on the road.

He takes on a dangerous opponent Saturday in Colima, Mexico at the Hotel Fiesta Inn.

Luis Ernesto Rueda of Argentina.

Rudea is a southpaw with a record of 18-1-5KO.

Borrero said of him:

“He’s a lefty. He’s from Argentina. I saw some old footage. I know he’s been out of the ring for two years. He has a decent record. He fought a lot of up and coming fighters — that pretty much he beat. He’s a dangerous opponent but I have a lot more power and am better prepared.”

On the secrets to making weight during the world situation Borrero explained how basic it is for him:

“Making weight during the pandemic wasn’t really hard because all you have to do is stay disciplined. Run and stay and shape. Do what you have to do. Listen to your coach. Make sure that you are eating right.”

Indeed diet is unbelievably crucial at the moment.

A lot of fighters have struggled with making weight and staying in shape during these lockdowns lately.

Not Borrero though.

Or some other fighters in recent times.

They have shown that you can still actually improve as a fighter.

And, furthermore, grow as a man and improve all this time no matter what the circumstances.

That’s how special some of these athletes really are.

Boxing in many ways, no matter where you are from, brings the world together perhaps like no other sport even during divided times like right now.

Borrero’s faith and trust in God has been key to this as well as his growth as a fighter and as a man.

Expect very big things from this young American fighter.


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