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George Foreman Shares His Best Advice He Ever Received

George Foreman Shares His Best Advice He Ever Received

Heavyweight champ George Foreman showed himself as an excellent entrepreneur after his career.

Culminating in his world renowned grills.

Still a big hit today really.

A genius, timeless concept.

Food will never go out of fashion.

Asked by one fan what was his best advice he ever got.

It was on saving, a key, important part of life and being a responsible adult:

Wise words.

Saving for a rainy day very key for times like we are living in.

Ah yes, I force a smile even in these times, as I get ready to depart for America once again soon.

Back to see the people who I love whom I now consider my family. Tough being away from family almost three or four years I must concede. Can’t bloody wait to see my people once again, thanks for everything God. Through God ain’t nothing impossible, it’s a fact, being still alive proof of it. Winners always find a way to win. Born a winner and will die a winner.

A boxing business trip once again, very good.

Good to move on.

I take no pleasure at all in having to terminate some people today. Some people had to go unfortunately. That’s it for them.

But it was essential and business as we move on to the next chapter, much more to come soon back on this website.

Working with the people we always should have been in America now and outside of the shoddy European Union at last.

Where we belong and our place in the world but will always keep a keen eye on the big stories in world boxing around the world.

Finally free of some piece of s*** people. Felt great to get rid of some other working relationships with this website also recently. Finally surrounded by the right people now thank God, who’ve been there a long time behind the scenes and the real ones who stuck with us throughout it all, took bloody long enough to get rid of some people. More discipline to be handed down to some people soon also perhaps but the work behind the scenes on this website is near completion.

A small but loyal team, era, we’d be lost with God’s warriors 🙂

While forgiveness is tough and key, you certainly don’t forget in any business, just have to stay smart and remember the ones who did right by you when you were down, never forgetting the ones who done wrong when you are back on your feet. Beat the odds, nothing I can’t do anymore. Not a single thing. I thank God for that and God alone.

We’ll keep an old eye for now on a few growing, water tight, razor sharp, bullet proof legal cases on hold against some people.

Not surprised to be proved right once again with that terrible European Union/European Commission thing already starting to go down in flames as I predicted ages ago. Clowns.

When the going got tough to get vaccines they couldn’t distibute.

Same old Germans, French, Brussels etc. Trust none of them.

It would take some money to ever get me back over there in that European Union place. They wouldn’t have enough I’d say.

Good riddance to stupid morons.

On a bright note, moving forward, excited to be in America once again soon hopefully. Very fortunate too in these times.

Keep looking after yourselves folks and being good to one another.

A lot of boxing this month to look forward to.