Boxers Weigh In On Trump vs Biden Election Day Battle

It’s a big day and a big fight today, well, of sorts, in terms of the Presidential election for 2020.

The implications as always for the USA and the wider world can always be felt for who gets the next four years.

Boxers and many people connected with the sport today in America will if they have not already done so, be casting their votes as they say.

Two boxers not from America but appear just as interested in today’s events are Ireland’s Michael Conlan and the UK’s Billy Joe Saunders.

Here’s what the two fighters had to say on today’s political battle:

Conlan via Twitter:

“Trump gonna win again? Lol”

Saunders via Twitter:

“Come on trump @POTUS is the man don’t cheat this man out of his job team trump.”

Californian boxer Ryan Garcia noted:

“Whatever the results are please everyone stay calm.”

Philadelphia’s Julian Williams said:

“I voted today. Nah but seriously I did vote only because my ancestors fought and died for that right. Iin my life time I’ve never seen any real change… no matter who’s in office I honestly dont expect to see any now.”

Time will tell.

It is understood that the results might not be tallied for some time.

In terms of days after the original November 3rd date.

Let’s see what happens.