What George Foreman Said When Ron Lyle Knocked Him Down

What George Foreman Said When Ron Lyle Knocked Him Down

I heard it said one time in boxing that the champion of the world should fear no man here on Earth. Other than God.

I believe it to be true.

But as most boxers will tell you it is not that they fear their opponent or from getting hurt.

Often the fear comes internally.

It might be a fear of failure or in some self sabotage cases a fear of success.

Oldest heavyweight champion in boxing history George Foreman once said the reason Ali beat him was he had a healthy dose of fear.

I’d suggest that just like anger fear is very normal and very useful for humans.

Whether it be fear of rejection or fear of success. Whatever the case might be.

You are enough at the end of the day. Everyone has doubts at some point.

MMA fighters Randy Couture and Chael Sonnen spoke about this before.

Recently, without ego, I asked myself and God why did God make me this intense, freakish strong, handsome, intelligent, connected, independent and talented young man to overcome everything, survive everything over the years and still not even be in my prime yet.

I’d suggest our deepest fear for many of us is of our own strength and I’d offer that our light, not our darkness, scares us more.

I came to the conclusion that God just has some purpose for me and now I just let go and let it over to God.

It is impossible to label everything or have all the answers in life due to God in my humble opinion.

And, that’s okay.

He keeps me grounded to balance everything out above with being one of the most addictive personalities perhaps you’ll likely find.

Recently I got addicted to CBD oil, another thing that didn’t agree with me and that I can’t mess with – what a joke and disaster I am 🙂

The disease of addiction, one classified now as a disease by the World Health Organization, has broken tougher guys than me in the past though.

Other than God sobriety from all substances is a close second for me in my life these days.

Now with America off the cards for a while sadly due to the pandemic, maybe it is time to settle down soon, make the commitment, meet a nice girl and have a family.

One day at a time.

Ultimately, though — you do the work let God do the rest.

As a good friend of mine says.

Show me a perfect person and I’ll show you a liar.

Always trust yourself in my humble opinion. Instincts are there for a reason.

The humble born again Christian, Foreman, these days is a man who represents in boxing a great example of how someone changed their behavior for the better after, by in his case, finding God.

He tends to spread a lot of wisdom and positive vibes these days.

Perhaps not a bad thing with the way the world is crazy in recent years.

Looking back on a legendary fight of his with Ron Lyle this prevailing theme rang through again from Foreman:

Great stuff.

What a fight it was for its time. If you have not seen it here it is in its entirety – enjoy:

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