Watch: Roberto Duran Speaks For The First Time Following Coronavirus

The world continues to reel from one of humanity’s biggest pandemics in history.

Markets, jobs and most importantly, people, are getting eliminated in their droves.

The coronavirus pandemic continues to grow particularly in the United States at a very grave time for the country.

While many countries have tackled the problem responsibly the same perhaps cannot be said for States like Florida and Texas among others in the US.

The sad reality now is some of the leading medical professionals are anticipating things to get worse.

For those hoping for more big fights in America in the boxing world, this spells trouble.

Alas, there are more important things going on in the world at the moment.

That said, one bright spark has come in the form of one of the sport’s most famed and dearly loved fighting sons Roberto Duran overcoming the virus.

(Hat tip Michael Benson)

Great news and well done to all involved above.

A nice bit of positive news for a change.

On a quick travel note folks, excuse the delay in getting back on here.

I only received a part for my computer in recent days to log back online here as a faulty charger purchased from some simpleton numpties in Italy decided to break down around a week ago.

Great country to visit but heck, great to be out of there in terms of being stuck there during the quarantine for months on end on my own without a passport not speaking the language.

Era, we’ve survived worse I suppose.

Every electronic device I bought in Italy either didn’t work or broke.

God bless some of those not very sharp, or bright, morons.

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Alas, thank God for Hungary coming to the rescue this week with a new laptop charger that actually worked.

We go again.

As for boxing, things are still very slowly coming back to life in truth.

Although the guys and gals at Top Rank have tried their best to bring boxing back on ESPN a lot of it has been garbage in fairness.

I can see why smart people like Alan Haymon and Premier Boxing Champions and Eddie Hearn and Matchroom Sport have been slower to bring boxing back.

You don’t want to see too many uncompelling fights after such a drought for the sport.

Boxing fans will want the sport to comeback with a bang when it does return to be fair.

On a final travel note, still addiction free of all addictions for the longest time ever now.

I know the world is going through a tough time, respectfully, but this is honestly the strongest I’ve ever been in my whole life.


Once again, very grateful to all you folks, my readers, for supporting my content this year in what has been a challenging year for boxing.

Don’t worry, though.

Don’t believe the hype or the bull.

Boxing will never go away and will be back stronger than ever sooner than you think.

In terms of the big fights.

You know, after travelling the world the last few years it is so easy to see through bull, hype, social media bluff and people who have never done nothing in life, who claim they have.

Stay positive, keep the faith and hopefully in the coming weeks we’ll have a little more boxing action to opine on and anlayze.

Happy 4th of July in advance.