Errol Spence Agrees With Lou DiBella About George Floyd Tragedy

Errol Spence Confirms Terrence Crawford Fight Next

America and the world continue to rightly voice their outrage, disgust and anger to what happened American George Floyd.

Something that has now become the biggest story in the world.

American citizen George Floyd was tragically killed by a police officer in Minneapolis.

It has sparked protests across the country as Americans voice their hurt, pain and anger at what happened him.

Members of the boxing world have also now given their thoughts on the subject.

Leading the way has been passionate New York boxing promoter Lou DiBella:

Pound for pound rated boxing star, Texan Errol Spence has re-tweeted his agreement on the matter with DiBella:

Admittedly, as someone myself who is rather fond of America I was appalled at what I have seen this week in the country.

The sport of boxing is in a unique position where it can bring people together regardless of race or background.

One such gym and shining example of this exists in the fight capital of the world no less.

In Las Vegas, Nevada, USA via Barry’s Boxing Gym:

Errol Spence Agrees With Lou DiBella About George Floyd Tragedy

A tangible testament of the positive the sport of boxing does in this regard.

Both at grass roots and professional level.

You’ll find similar gyms in the fight capital of the world like this such as the Mayweather and Porter gyms.

One of the amazing things about boxing is that it brings people together and doesn’t divide folks.

Something rarely reported on about the sport by the detractors of the sweet science.

The latter being a theme that appears to sadly be a pervasive one in the States presently.

In the sport of boxing fighters from all races and nationalities regularly compete against one another with respect shown afterwards.

This photo of undefeated Puerto Rican fighter Joe Borrero (3-0-3 KO) — nephew of legendary Felix Trinidad — shadow boxing Nico Ali Walsh (Muhammad Ali’s grandson) another example:

(Recording artist ‘Flavor Flav’ in the background)

Errol Spence Agrees With Lou DiBella About George Floyd Tragedy

Thoughts and prayers go out to George Floyd, his family and friends at this difficult time.

The World Boxing Council have also said the following:

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No doubt justice will be swiftly delivered sooner rather than later for this despicable crime.

One perpetrated in broad day light, too.

Furthermore, committed by someone who is meant to be a protector of the innocent and people in general.

I suspect the good folks in the FBI and at federal level will investigate this quickly and deliver swift justice.

Rest in peace George Floyd.