Canelo Alvarez Reacts To The Brutal Killing Of George Floyd

Canelo Alvarez Reacts To The Brutal Killing Of George Floyd

American citizen George Floyd’s chilling killing by a member of the police has become the biggest story on Earth at the moment.

The world, and indeed people in boxing, are continuing to voice their disgust at what happened.

George Floyd was killed in what can only be described as brutally, really.

In broad day light in front of civilians in attendance who were able to record what happened.

Boxing star Canelo Alvarez has said the following:

The Spanish to English translation on that is:

“This is simply inhumane.”

That is correct by Alvarez.

Many online have been in agreement with him on the matter.

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No doubt justice will be swiftly delivered.

As for Alvarez, like many of the top fighters in the sport of boxing, he continues to wait for a date and on what is going to happen next for him.

Here’s highlights of his fight last year against Danny Jacobs:

The chances of big fights coming back soon could be a bit away just yet.

That said, boxing is back in the US behind closed doors on June 9th via promoters Top Rank.

Card announcements expected early next week.