Watch: Tyson Fury’s Father John Fury Calls Out Mike Tyson

Tyson Fury's Father Calls Out Mike Tyson

Ah yes, we’re now coming into peak madness in the boxing world during lock down amid the ongoing pandemic.

Let’s be honest it was only a matter of time.

Particularly with the amount of lunatics among us in the boxing game in self-isolation for so long 🙂

Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury’s father John Fury has taken the unpredictable screw loose mentality to a new level.

Well, in a joking way one would hope.

Big John, a great character for the sport, obviously a big supporter of his son’s career and a former fighter himself — has decided to call out youngest heavyweight champion in history Mike Tyson:

Good stuff.

At the risk of catching a beating, with respect, maybe Big John is a little out of his depth on this one! 🙂

John Fury what a character.

All jokes aside Mike Tyson does appear to be getting back in shape for an exhibition bout at the moment.

Some think a four round bout with Evander Holyfield could be in play.

Current heavyweight champion Tyson Fury was named after Mike Tyson no less by his father John.

At this time Fury is currently awaiting news like all boxers on when the sport will return.

Talks have suggested that a unification with Anthony Joshua could be possible as a long shot scenario.

Fury at this time however is still contracted to face Deontay Wilder in a third fight.