Something Going Under The Radar In Fury vs Joshua

Through all darkness comes the light.

Opportunity and fortune favors the brave.

Anthony Joshua said this a short time ago which got me thinking:

The sport of boxing like all sports and most walks of life is in a geographical shut down at the moment.

Country to country travel on planes seems like a long way off at this point.

Likely 2021 to be fair.

While some countries may gradually try to open with the Coronavirus in a phase two type situation, that will likely be internal within specific countries for a while.

At this time all four recognized heavyweight world titles reside in the United Kingdom between lineal champion Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

While Joshua was scheduled to face Bulgarian Kubrat Pulev next and Fury a third fight with Deontay Wilder — it is unknown when either of those fights will be able to happen due to the pandemic.

The main problem both guys and their respective teams will have is travelling between countries with Fury vs Wilder 3 likely in the States needing Fury to travel from England.

Joshua vs Pulev in the UK which would require Pulev and his team to travel there.

Both the US and UK are arguably two of the worst hit countries in the whole world at the moment due to the virus too sadly.

While some events behind closed doors may occur later in the year the problem for boxing lays in getting people to travel.

International travel on planes is a huge problem and will be for a while for the world.

This is where boxing is stuck at the moment being such an international sport.

Moreover, the four world title bodies are located all over the world too — as are the fans and networks.

That said, the internet for streaming events is there at the moment for everyone.

The four heavyweight titles are in England too with both Joshua and Fury within driving distance from one another.

Okay, let’s break this thing down.

Sometimes in boxing ‘step aside’ money can be tabled for fighters contracted to fight an opponent with the view of making them just temporarily wait to fight the winner of another bout.

Consider this.

First off, Wilder be given money to step aside for now to get a winner instead of Fury vs Joshua and Pulev to then get the winner of that bout in 2021 at some point.

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Okay, sure, things get delayed for Pulev more than anyone in that scenario.

But the chances of him getting a pay day anytime soon anyway are slim to none anyway.

Boxers only get paid when they fight.

Travelling to the UK from Bulgaria will be off the cards for Pulev for some time one suspects.

He’ll have to wait a bit and would still earn money this way.

As for Wilder, he’d be in an excellent position if he took step aside money in my opinion.

He’d not just be getting a rematch with Fury, he’d actually be getting a shot at the undisputed heavyweight title (all four belts) in 2021 instead.

Which would net him far, far more money then just a third fight with Fury in a 2021 super fight scenario.

It would also give him time to make adjustments where he needs to following the first loss of his pro career to Fury.

All that while being paid to step aside for the privilege to do so.

Everyone wins and the shows goes on.

Having said all that — let’s consider the bigger picture for a moment.

Viewing the marketing, PR and macro-economic view for the entire sport of boxing.

The sport of boxing, the sweet science as we know it today was originally formulated under the Marquess of Queensberry Rules drafted in London, England in 1865.

Fast forward to 2020 in the world Coronavirus pandemic.

A time where the world needs to show fighting spirit more than ever in the face of adversity with the Coronavirus.

What an opportunity and story that would be for boxing.

In a behind closed doors, when the appropriate time and safety came in the coming months to do so of course, to have the world’s attention shone on the sport once again in an undisputed heavyweight title fight.

Back in London, England.

Back where it all began.

For all the belts to crown one undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.

A chance to re-boot the sport and give inspiration to those in all nations who need to fight more than ever now with Covid-19.

I’d suggest to then let both guys shake hands afterwards, chop up the money fifty-fifty and carry on their merry way.

Maybe it’s a wild idea but heck, we’re living in wild times.

The sport of boxing would win hugely as well.

I would suggest it would also show why boxing’s perception was always the sport of gentlemen and the ‘noble art’ upon foundation.

Overall, what a message that would be for the world for our sport in a time where people need it more than ever.

Fighting is our business at the end of the day.

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Tracing back heavyweight champions to where it all began, the term ‘lineal champion’ was derived from the meaning of the phrase ‘the man who beat the man’ in the beginning.

An accolade of which Fury currently holds today.

The first heavyweight champion to do this was ‘Gentleman’ James Corbett who beat the first heavyweight champion John L. Sullivan in 1892:

What a way to restart the sport.

What a way to get the entire world’s attention on boxing for all the right reasons.

What a way to give the world hope and a fighting spirit at a time when it needs it now more than ever.

But what do I know.

To all world boxing readers continue to stay safe, do the recommended things and help one another as best you can.