What Fury Showed Wilder An Example Of How To Deal With Testing Times

Life is a funny ole game. A good one overall though in fairness.

A true gift that perhaps many are only starting to realize now at the moment.

Currently boxing, sports and the wider world continue to find themselves in uncharted waters because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

But really though, if you go back over history, things like the Spanish flu will show you that the world has come through things like this before.

Sometimes science and logic cannot account for reasons why these things happen (that’s from a guy too who bases a lot of decisions on data/science) but in my own meandering experience, for what its worth, I think back to what a wise man from England said to me one time.

Life is a journey of ups and downs to learn humility and respect for each other and God is all things as without God we are of no importance.

After seeing this play out so many times in life, time and time again, and now with the Coronavirus pandemic, the aforementioned rings true for me at least.

Boxing, as a sport, is a special one. It really is.

Its combatants have a level of fortitude and internal resolve that most mere mortals like us walking around in society will never truly understand.

Boxing as a sport perhaps transcends better than any other into the tough times in life.

Specifically in the lessons it offers humanity in relation to overcoming obstacles like the Covid-19 pandemic.

In recent years boxing has been returning to the popularity it once enjoyed largely due to the heavyweight division’s interest to fans again.

At the top of this currently sits one Tyson Fury.

A man who knows more than most about coming back from health problems, mental health anguish and near death.

His determination to get through hell on Earth, overcome all the odds put in front of him and ultimately prove himself as the best heavyweight in the world likely pales in comparison to what is going on at the moment.

This video perhaps offers some inspiration and light to those at the moment who might be suffering:

God tests us all sometimes I tend to believe and without doubt, the current pandemic around the world has been a trial for many.

Particularly those who have sadly lost their lives and their friends and families who are in our thoughts and prayers at the moment.

We must carry on and like Fury did above — keep getting back up and fighting until the end.

Keep on trucking until you can’t truck no more.

That’s just the way it is.

On a positive note, many countries now do seem to be reporting plateaus and declines in the numbers they are seeing for the virus.

Lets hope things get better soon and to world boxing readers continue to keep looking after yourselves and doing the right thing.