Update On The Health Of A Much Loved Boxing Figure Struck By Covid-19

Update On The Health Of A Much Loved Boxing Figure Struck By Covid-19

Boxing unfortunately like many other sports and walks of life has seen members of its fraternity diagnosed with the current Covid-19 virus.

An invisible enemy plaguing the world with no determined date for its end available at this time.

Coming from Italy at present this week marks around five weeks in lock down.

Current lock down is now extended until early May with no movement between different regions in Italy in perhaps the strictest lock down anywhere in the world.

It seems to be working though in that number of deaths and new cases continues to fall.

The sport of boxing continues to be hit by the virus and now one of its cherished local New York characters has sadly been affected.

It has emerged that a very fond member of the New York Boxing community, legendary Jimmy Glen of Jimmy’s Corner has been taken ill with the virus.

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A slightly positive bit of news has come now however in the latest update from boxing promoter Lou Di Bella — in that Jimmy is said to be showing mild improvement:

Thoughts and prayers with Jimmy at this time.

For those unfamiliar with the New York legend here is more on him and his one of a kind establishment:

The above by Di Bella is correct.

There are not many people like the above left in the world with that type of kindness.

People like that are what is needed now in one of the world’s darkest periods where individuals need to help one another as best they can by continuing to do the recommended things to stop the spread of this virus.

Hopefully positive news will come soon on Jimmy’s health.

Our thoughts and prayers with him at the moment.