Something Boxing Has In Its Favor To Other Sports When It Returns

While the current Coronavirus pandemic continues to cause widespread misery across the globe it is important to take stock and try to remain positive as best we can.

At the moment the two biggest markets for boxing the United States and United Kingdom are being ripped apart perhaps worst than anywhere in the world by the virus sadly.

It could be some time before anything in either country let alone professional sports returns.

No one really knows how things are going to play out but one thing to remember about boxing as opposed to other sports — is that it is individual.

Unlike sports like soccer, basketball, baseball, football, hockey and more that have large teams, boxing will have less participants and possibly less venue staff needed to be tested for the virus when things resume.

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While not something many are talking about boxing organizers could try to utilitze this to their advantage when pitching boxing as one of the first sports to come back.

That said, there’s more important stuff happening in the world at the moment obviously.

Stay safe and keep doing the recommended right things every day.

It will pass.