Errol Spence Agrees With Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Leonard

Errol Spence Agrees With Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Leonard

What a wild time it is for the world right now.

Indeed, the world and people will never be the same again after this Coronavirus pandemic is all said and done.

It is said that we learn far more in defeat than we ever do in victory during our life times.

The humbling times we live in are a reminder that we are not in control as much as the world will have you believe that we are.

What was it Rocky said one time?

Nothing is going to hit you harder than life.

What’s going on right now in the world is surely proof of that.

Boxers, although they take criticism for having enlarged egos at times — know more about humility than most.

A top tier professional fighter must learn to master the ego, understand and conquer himself along his way to the top of his craft.

There is little that can withstand a man who can conquer himself.

Boxing legends Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Leonard spoke deeply on the subject of the importance of being humble.

So much so that today’s pound for pound rated Errol Spence Jr agreed with them on this:

‘Only God is great’ – Mike Tyson.

Well said, Mike.

To all world boxing readers and people affected by the current Coronavirus pandemic, stay safe folks.

Keep the distance, do the recommended things and help one another out as best you can.