Gervonta Davis Brings Coronavirus Into Ryan Garcia Twitter Beef

The Coronavirus really is everywhere at the moment.

Even it would seem within the ongoing Twitter beefs between rival pro boxers.

Recently Gervonta Davis was involved in a well publicized incident where he appeared to have an altercation with a female companion.

One whilst they were attending an event together.

The backlash has been heavy on Davis so far.

That hasn’t stopped him from taking to social media however to drum up a future fight.

One against fellow American standout young talent Ryan Garica.

The two have been going back and forth on Twitter in a widely engaged with debate at the moment.

Davis event managed to bring the Coronavirus into his swipe against his rival:

To which Garcia replied:

Dear oh dear.

On a slightly brighter, more sensible note, Garcia did also mention this about the virus:

For sure, the current situation calls for people to come together to help one another out at the moment.

Now more than ever to be fair.

A time for all world communities to band together in their respective countries amid this virus.

Life’s golden rule of – do to others as you would have them do to you certainly applies at present.