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The current Cornavirus world pandemic is wreaking havoc with the professional boxing schedule at the moment.

Like everything else in life and business it should be noted.

A lot of boxing events are either getting scrapped or postponed to a future date to be determined.

Everyone is really just going by day to day updates of what different governments and health officials recommend country to country.

It really is now living one day at a time.

The novel virus has had some surprising news a short time ago involving two of boxing’s biggest stars.

As per The Athletic via Michael Benson (hat tip) — check this out:


England’s Billy Joe Saunders’ blood must be boiling right about now.

Same with his promoter Eddie Hearn.

The talented Saunders has been waiting on a huge fight for years against Canelo.

For it to be potentially scuppered would no doubt be heart breaking.

For those who didn’t see Canelo and Golovkin in the ring before let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

Two of boxing’s modern day gladiators.

A trilogy fight without doubt would create fireworks.

If this is anything to go by no less:

(Fight 1 – hat tip BT Sport YouTube)

What a fight.

Two of boxing’s real blood and guts merchants.

If there is to be a third fight I don’t think you’ll find many complaining in fairness.

Two warriors who have a perfect clash of fight styles.

Expect more news and developments soon.

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