After nearly a week without being able to access the website, finally I recovered things today, after my laptop broke last week and I had failed to back up a lot of important passwords in the middle of moving to a new country.

Life as it likes to do – puts you right in your place when things are going well.

I will never take anything for granted until the day I die ever, ever again.

Last month after three and a half years (and much more in reality with the blog before this site) of blood, sweat and tears, as per industry standard measuring tool became one of the very biggest boxing websites in North America (and in the world).

Just as a record month for the site in our history was coming to an end, last Thursday, bang, disaster.

My laptop went and found myself without passwords for the majority of my emails and social profiles which, coupled with moving to England and getting a new phone number here, which wasn’t registered with a lot of my online accounts to recover them, made things very difficult indeed.

Long story short, if I ever hear an Irish person talking s*** about English people again I will put them straight on the matter very quickly.

Without the help of some absolute legends here this week in a time of crisis, in terms of getting a deal on a new laptop, directions and info on numerous things I didn’t have a clue about (still), and getting internet access where I could in recent days, day by day, to gradually get back into everything, I would have been screwed.

Anyway, just catching up on all the boxing now.

Straight off the bat I see HBO have left boxing apparently and Barry Hearn has just said they are upping their offer for the Joshua vs Wilder fight.

Looks like it has been an eventful week!

Gutted to have missed the World Boxing Super Series final last weekend. F***…

And on it goes, this thing of ours…