Pacquiao Thinking About Becoming President

Boxing superstar and politician Manny Pacquiao is thinking about taking his political career to the next level once his boxing career is over.

Currently Pacquiao is a Senator in his home country of The Philippines and has gone on record as saying he wishes to continue his professional boxing career until 2019, with three more fights in total.

One before the end of the year and two next year.

After that however, it appears he’s thinking about going for Presidency of the entire Philippines.

Speaking at a public speaking event in the Philipennes, Filipino Senator Cynthia Villar revealed after a meeting with Pacquiao recently that he’s giving it thought:

“He invited us to his district recently.”

She added:

“I think he’s thinking about it (going for President in 2020).”

He certainly has the popularity to make a serious charge should he put himself forward for it in 2020 when the time comes.

From a boxing perspective that has to be a first.

A former world champion as a President of an entire country – now that would be really something.

First thing’s first however, Pacquiao is currently looking to finalize an opponent for December 1st or 2nd and what promoter and platform he’s going to fight on.