Watch: The Moment Donald Trump Pardoned Jack Johnson

The Moment Donald Trump Pardoned Jack Johnson

The sport of boxing has been put into the global limelight this week with one of its greatest ever fighters finally getting the justice he deserved over a hundred years later.

Jack Johnson became the first black heavyweight champion in history and the odds he overcame to do so make him arguably one of the toughest fighters of all time.

During his life time he was wrongly imprisoned based on racial motives by the powers that were at the time and now, a century on, he has received an official presidential pardon from Donald Trump:

A great day for justice and Jack Johnson. An incredible human being and boxer.

The above all in all is a historic day for boxing too, with the likes of Deontay Wilder and Lennox Lewis representing the sport on such a large stage to those watching who might not normally be familiar with boxing usually.

Donald Trump came across as a genuine boxing fan – another positive for the sport surely.

It is thought that a presidential pardon is so rare that they can only usually be used for living persons – making this news all the more special.