Fans Rip McGregor After Telling Mayweather He Is The Cartel

Conor McGregor came up with a pretty timely reply to Floyd Mayweather’s trolling of him, but it’s backfiring in a big way with boxing fans who are not letting him forget what happened in his sole venture into the squared circle last August against Mayweather.

Ultimately McGregor’s sole fight in pro boxing ended as most expected it would – by stoppage defeat.

Mayweather in many people’s opinion carried the Irishman in the early parts of the fight, where McGregor had some success but in the eyes of those who know the sport of boxing, only because Mayweather let him.

But you got to hand it to McGregor, what a genius.

A guy that never fought a single professional boxing match was involved in what he and UFC president Dana White have said was the biggest selling global pay per view combat sports event.

He’s even brought about a wealth of boxers since coming after him. The likes of Manny Pacquiao being the most notable name who have wanted a piece of McGregor in recent times.

Floyd Mayweather has pointed out however that a certain cartel allegedly also want a piece of McGregor, with Mayweather pointing to a $900,000 bounty apparently on the head of the world-renowned Irishman.

McGregor countered Mayweather’s social media jibe by replying:

“I am the cartel.”

It’s brought about quite the response, as you can imagine.

Boxing fans are not letting go of the loss he suffered to Mayweather and have come out in their droves – rather creatively it must be said:

Creativity aside, it’s doubtful we’ll see McGregor back in a boxing ring again.

He’s under contract with the UFC and is due to defend his title in the sport of MMA. Or risk getting stripped.

Then again, he probably, like most things, doesn’t care about that.

With the year that was in it last year anything seems possible in 2018.