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Boxing World Reacts To Mikey Garcia Beating Adrien Broner

The boxing community around the world gives their reaction to Mikey Garcia beating Adrien Broner in New York.

Mikey Garcia outpointed Adrien Broner handily enough in the end to cruise to a unanimous points decision at the Barclays Centre in New York.

He proved to be the superior boxer on the night physically and technically.

We saw one fighter take a huge step forward while the other has some soul searching to do. So here we are again – hoping, wishing, praying to see the guy who we thought was going to be the next big thing.

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The guy many felt was going to be the next star of boxing. Yes, Mikey Garcia did exactly that – did you think I was referring to Broner for a second?

To be honest, Broner summed himself up best:

“If I fight tomorrow all of these people will come to see me.”

Basically saying it’s about money to him and not boxing.

Now I will say this, Broner will get in the ring against anyone – I have no doubt about it.

But the truth is he hasn’t been focused on anything lately.

Why? Because he bought more into the character ‘AB’ (About Billions) instead of working on the fighter Adrien Broner.

Where does Broner go from here?

This isn’t to say he can’t come back of course. One thing we have learned is that in boxing anything is possible.

However, we must accept that Broner will never be more than a talented guy who won world titles too early and then lost his hunger.

Another talented fighter that never truly lived up to his potential.

It was a good fight in the end but Mikey Garcia was just the more technically sound and consistent boxer all in all.

Garcia reminded us why we had high hopes for him and he may have jumped up in the mythical pound for pound list for many.

This sport is hard, cruel and at times brutal.

But performances like Garcia’s last night make us appreciate it all.

Here’s how the boxing world reacted to Mikey Garcia beating Adrien Broner last night:

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