Eddie Hearn on David Haye

Eddie Hearn on David Haye: He Loves Having His Own Way!

Published On November 30, 2016 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News, Boxing Views and Opinion

Promoter Eddie Hearn on David Haye, his opinion of the heavyweight fighter, some of the things he’s done behind the scenes in the negotiations for the Tony Bellew fight and more.

There is clearly some animosity between David Haye and Matchroom Sport boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, as evidenced by the first Haye vs Bellew press conference.

It appears Haye is going to be using Hearn as part of the story line in the build-up to his heavyweight pay per view fight with Bellew on March 4th, already plotting the downfall of Hearn and his business Matchroom Sport.

Hearn had to defend himself verbally at the press conference from Haye on multiple occasions.

He mentioned to Haye that the reason he is working with him and Matchroom is for one reason and one reason only – money.

Shortly after the first press conference Eddie Hearn on David Haye speaking to Sky Sports News said:

(Hat tip and credit to Sporting Life YouTube for the upload):

Many fans noted that Haye seemed more rattled than usual at the press conference with Bellew.

Haye even went on the verbal offensive at Bellew’s trainer David Coldwell who behind the scenes in the past worked with Haye at Hayemaker Promotions years ago.

The needle seems genuine between both teams and adds more spice to this already much talked about fight. A real trash talk build-up if ever there was one.

The hype wagon rolls on.

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