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Angel Garcia Video – Has A Gun Message For Keith Thurman

Published On November 29, 2016 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News, Boxing Views and Opinion

In the latest Angel Garcia video the father of welterweight Danny Garcia has upped his verbal assault on upcoming opponent for his son – world welterweight champion Keith Thurman.

Angel Garcia certainly isn’t a man to mince his words or keep his feelings to himself.

He seems to enjoy the pre-fight hype and build-up to his son’s fights and say what you want about him, he is an entertaining character.

Boxing needs characters. Even the extra colorful ones. Without them the sport goes under the radar and fights don’t get sold to the public.

In any walk of life, any profession, everyone has to sell themselves to a degree.

But the way boxing matches are often sold are a little different these days.

It used to be that if two guys were the best in the world fighting each other in the primes of their careers, that was enough to sell a fight.

Nowadays though, in the age of social media, crazy antics are common place and no one best embodies the previous statement more than Angel Garcia.

Here’s his latest controversial call out of one of his son’s opponents:

Angel Garcia video via Instagram

March 4th I’m coming for you.. you sweet #TEAMDSG

A video posted by Angel Garcia (@crazyangelgarcia) on

Oh dear.

On a boxing note this fight is one that fans really seem to be looking forward to. A real chance to see two of America’s best welterweights settle a long standing feud and rivalry.

Thurman has been vocal on his opinion that Danny Garcia is a ‘Cherry Picker’ of opponents and with the genuine knockout power that both guys carry, in either hand, I’m expecting some ferocious bombs to be detonated on the face of either fighter when they get it on next March.

Both are accomplished boxers in their own right of course, but I have a feeling that boxing technique might go out the window when these two meet – with possible toe to toe exchanges for large portions in the fight given the build-up to it so far.

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