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Tony Bellew on David Haye: He’s Fighting Me Because He’s Broke


WBC cruiserweight world champion Tony Bellew on David Haye, why he thinks he’s fighting him, what he thinks of him and more.

Tony Bellew has never been a man to mince his words and no matter what your opinion of him is, he at least speaks his mind in the media in this often media trained, politically correct world we now live in where sports stars can often be found reading canned statements written by lawyers at press conferences.

Not Bellew though. Straight from the heart and like Haye, he knows how to sell a fight to the public.

Bookies have the Liverpool native as an underdog coming into March 7th’s heavyweight fight at the O2 Arena in London.

But that is not deterring him in the slightest.

Speaking on Sky Sports News in the pair’s first get together in a TV debate – Tony Bellew on David Haye said:

“You went to Hollywood and failed. You tried to crack Hollywood. You went to Hollywood and failed boy. I went to Hollywood and cracked it. You’ve been living in nightclubs ever since you retired. David, you are fighting me because you are broke. You are fighting me because you are broke. Let me tell you, I am the biggest money fight there is for you and that is why you are fighting me. You don’t really want to fight me. I’m the first live guy you’ve fought since Wladimir Klitschko and let’s just get something straight, you didn’t fight against Wladimir Klitschko. You danced.”

He added:

“He’s fighting me because he’s skint. He’s skint.”

Amid the ‘Sideshow Bob’ jibes at Haye you could hear Bellew laughing out loud on many occasions during the pair’s heated verbal TV debate.

Both guys clearly like to play mind games with their opponents before their fights. Expect plenty more of this non physical jousting over the coming weeks and months.