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Exclusive: Fan Constructs Amazing Muhammad Ali Sculpture


One of our readers contacted us this weekend with what can only be described as some genuinely incredible pictures of his newly constructed Muhammad Ali sculpture.

James O’Neal from Bridgeton, New Jersey in the United States contacted us with these photos of his highly unique Muhammad Ali sculpture in tribute to ‘The Greatest’ who passed away earlier in 2016:


Speaking on how he got into this type of work, James told us:


“I started carving as a hobby nine years ago after cutting down a large oak tree in our front yard. Since then I have done a variety of animals, and earlier this year I did a life size Conor Mcgregor. After completing that piece I was debating who to carve from a very large black walnut tree that I had cut down last year, probably my favorite wood just because of it’s beautiful dark colored grain.”


On the Muhammad Ali piece James said:

“When Muhammad Ali passed away and I saw what he had meant to everyone, I decided he would be the perfect subject.”


Touching on how the process worked to bring this remarkable creation to life, he added:


“My pieces are carved using a mallet and a variety of chisels. I will use a chainsaw only the first day or two to remove most of the unneeded wood. A piece this size requires 4 months of work with the chisels to shape, followed by a lot of sanding before finishing with a clear polyurethane. I never use paint or stain, preferring to show the natural beauty of the wood. Simply put, I enjoy transforming an ugly piece of a tree into a hopefully beautiful piece of art.”







On where the pieces can be found and for those interested in potentially buying some, James concluded in our interview that:

“The Ali statue stands 8 feet 3 inches tall and weighs approximately 350 pounds. I am not sure right now where this piece will end up. Though most of my pieces have been sold, I’m always happy to keep any of them myself. But, since I have many more planned, I’m also open to selling any of them if offered enough. I am anxious to have people see it though, and will be displaying it for the first time on Dec. 2nd in Philadelphia, in the lobby of the 2300 Arena for Philly Fight Night. Should be fun seeing the reaction of thousands of boxing fans to it.”