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Bob Arum On How He Never Expected To Be Still Promoting At 84


This weekend will mark Bob Arum’s 2000th boxing event as a promoter dating back to his very first event he promoted 50 years ago involving Muhammad Ali. He still hasn’t lot his New York wit and love for the game though it seems.

Bob Arum is known as one of the leading promoters of his generation and his company Top Rank have become a significant force in the sport of boxing over recent decades.

But it began a long time ago for Arum, who was also a lawyer at one time during his career and even in his college days did some backup singing – with music being a big interest for him.

But boxing has always been his bread and butter and when he turns 85 years of age on December 8th next month, he will be in the game for well over 50 years at that stage and certainly the oldest living active promoter at the top level of the sport.

Speaking to ES News on did he think when he started out that he would still be going this long, Bob Arum said:

“The truth is I’m going to be 85 and in those days you didn’t really envisage yourself living and certainly being active when your in your eighties. I’m lucky that I’m blessed with great genes, health foods are better than what they are. No, I never expected that I would be around this long. I never expected I would be around this long period, not just as a promoter. “

Arum has been a part of promoting some of the biggest boxing fights during his extensive tenure in the sport including the likes of:

Hagler vs Hearns, Hagler vs Duran, Hagler vs Leonard, Leonard vs Hearns, Holyfield vs Foreman, Barrera vs Morales and many more.

This weekend’s fight between Vasyl Lomachenko and Nicholas Walters marks number 2000 for boxing events promoted by Bob Arum.

Fur the full interview of Bob Arum on his career and more check it out here on YouTube (courtesy of Mr.Elie Seckbach)