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Genuinely Spine-Tingling Final Vinny Pazienza Movie Trailer


The final Vinny Pazienza movie trailer before it is released in full next month paints a potentially epic picture for viewers.

(For the first full-trailer on the movie check it out here).

Anyone remotely familiar with the Pazienza story will know that it’s one of the most inspirational boxing stories you’ll come across. Finally it’s now getting told on the big screen.

A man who overcame adversity in ways mere mortals like ourselves can barely fathom.

Crippling injury from a car accident had doctors saying he’d never walk again after breaking his neck, let alone fight again professionally.


But fight he did.

‘The Pazmanian Devil’ became a three-weight world champion over the course of a career that stretched between 1983 and 2004 that saw him amass a professional boxing record of 50-10 (30KO) in the ring.

‘Bleed For This’ is a movie set to be released next month dedicated to telling this fighter’s remarkable story.

The release was slightly delayed this year – but this new trailer shows it should be more than worth the wait:

A tale of how often times these special athletes we know as boxers can overcome extraordinary hardship, pain and suffering when it seems almost impossible.

Why the sport of boxing is magic and always will be. Boxers, they’re a special breed. Individuals who continue to inspire the wider public who go through their own struggles in life.

That’s why boxing is so relatable to people. The ups and downs of the sport are a metaphor for life in more ways than one.

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