Bellew To Flores

Watch: Tony Bellew To Flores “F****** D***head!”

Published On October 14, 2016 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News, Boxing Views and Opinion

Tony Bellew clearly isn’t a fan of American BJ Flores.

The WBC cruiserweight champion puts his title on the line tomorrow against Flores. A man who he has had contempt for throughout the build-up.

Tony is an emotional character. That’s just how he’s built.

The fear for him in any of the build-ups to his fights is that he wastes perhaps too much energy before the bell actually goes.

But no one can take away the fact that he has become a legitimate world champion now. The performance he out in to win the belt spoke volumes on the man’s character.

He gets up from being knocked down and in his own colourful words: “Carries power!”.

He’s on the verbal assault again today at the public weigh-in for his latest challenge against Flores tomorrow night in his hometown.

Bellew to Flores today in Liverpool:

(Hat tip IFL TV)

Good old Tony Bellew. It wouldn’t be the same without scenes like these before one of his fights would it?

Bellew comes into the fight as favourite and is clearly motivated. But he will have to be careful of Flores nonetheless. A man at this stage of his career who knows that it is probably his last chance at a world title.

The fight will be shown live on Sky Sports tomorrow and here’s all the details on the event you need to know.

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