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Former Heavyweight Champion Now Children’s TV Host


From former heavyweight champion in the ring to now children’s TV host, this has to be up there as one of the more different career changes you are likely to come across.

Many will remember former heavyweight champion Nicolai Valuev for his immense size as a boxer, the tallest heavyweight champion in history standing at a colossal 7 feet tall.

He held the WBA heavyweight title for four years between 2005 and 2009 before eventually losing it via a unanimous decision in Germany to Englishman David Haye.

This was prove to be the last fight Valuev ever had and retired from professional boxing with a record of 50-2 (34KO).

Valuev had gone off the boxing scene in recent years since, but now however has appeared in the limelight once again with his latest job outside the squared circle.


‘The Beast From The East’ has taken up a role as a guest host with Russia’s (his home country) most popular children’s TV show – ‘Good Night, Little Ones!’.

Valuev has spoken of pride of receiving the opportunity and commenting that he looks forward to hosting the show and been able to get his message about the importance of sports out there to the Russian youth.

The show airs on one of the biggest television channels in Russia.

Some people have made fun of Valuev’s decision, but I have to say fair play to him. It’s not often you see a boxer pursuing something like this after their career and if he is happy in the job – why not?

Perhaps his boxing credentials might also get out to a much more different type of demographic in Russia than he would have done before, thus potentially increasing the profile of boxing in Russia slightly?

Whatever the case might be, we wish Valuev all the best in his new career. From a boxing perspective however, don’t expect him back in the ring anytime soon.

It is thought that persistent injuries were behind his decision to retire a few years back.

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