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Billy Joe Saunders Candidly Explains His Attitude To Training


Characters in boxing are needed. WBO middleweight world champion Billy Joe Saunders is a man who likes to say things as they are and have a bit of banter. You can’t fault him for that when he puts in the performances in the ring, which he’s done to date.

Billy Joe Saunders candidly converses in any of his interviews and in his recent uploads on social media doesn’t hold back, which can’t be said for athletes in other sports who often times have a PR representative standing over their shoulders during interviews and statements made on social media can often be carefully crafted pieces from lawyers.

Not Billy Joe Saunders though – that’s not how he rolls.

In his latest social media upload he goes through what his attitude to training is when preparing for a fight and also when he is out of training, in a way that only he can describe really:

Honesty in any walk of life is refreshing, in a world often full of fakes, it’s cool when you come across it every now and then.

In terms of where it’s got Saunders to date, well, it seems to have done fairly well for him as world champion but he now is in the running for what without doubt would be the biggest challenge of his life.

If it is to be Gennady Golovkin next February like rumours suggest, the size of the task ahead of him is immense, to put it lightly.

But he’ll know this and will have to train like a Trojan right through Christmas if that is when the fight takes place, but what a fight to look forward to if it comes off.

When Saunders boxed Andy Lee to win the world title I thought at times in the fight it was one of the best Saunders’ performances we ever saw, from his head movement, to his lightning hand speed and footwork.

He’ll need to be probably double as impressive as he was that night to even be in with a chance of winning a decision against Golovkin, but unification fights like these are what boxing needs more of.

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