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Fighter’s Corner: The Boxing Ring Is The Chamber of Truth


The ring, it’s a place of ultimate combat where all your aggression and ability can finally be applied where the mastery of your skill is on full display.

It’s where the world will appreciate & marvel, stand and applaud, where stories are forged and documented in the halls of greatness. It sits in the centre of attention and is where all main attraction is recorded.

It is quite literally a place where all focus is pointed at it, all the time.

The ring is the most recognisable symbol in every building, courtyard, gym and stadium it is a part of. It is the home of every fighter, regardless of location or nationality. The place where they feel the most comfortable.

When you see it as a fighter, you already know of it’s history and how many people have stood before it, the countless hours spent inside of it – whether in a match or training.


It is the most durable and travelled part of boxing but inside it you are alone.

The ring is a part of every country and culture, it’s symbol is universally known without words being spoken. It is the place where two men raise but one will fall.

If you have beef or issue, this is where it’s settled. If you believe you are the best this is where you prove it.

the boxing ring

It is the ultimate status quo in a sense as it has stood the test of a century from bare knuckles, to small gloves, to rule changes in boxing over the years.

In a time of rapid technological change in the world, in boxing, this has been a timeless arena for it’s warriors.


The ring itself is hard and sturdy. It has catapulted careers and harvested the demise of others. It is where dreams come true or you see them end.

It is the last place where we see our heroes or bad guys compete as spectators.  As a fighter, it determines the cold reality of whether you leave it in victory or defeat.

It is unforgiving and unapologetic, It has no ill will nor does it play favourite. It is the supreme even playing field and the outcome is solely up to you.

In short, the boxing ring is the chamber of truth.

(The above is a continuation of author Bo Bland’s ‘Fighter’s Corner’ segment. For his previous ‘What is it like to be a boxer?’ column check it out here).

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