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Hall of Fame Inductee Teddy Atlas Blasts AIBA For Corruption in Boxing


Broadcaster and boxing Hall of Fame inductee Teddy Atlas has called out AIBA (Amateur International Boxing Association), it’s president Dr. Wu and broadcaster NBC who he was commentating for this week at the Olympics.

Atlas, a respected man in world boxing for not just his broadcasting abilities but also his training experience having coached a number of successful professional fighters in his career, has lashed out this week.

Teddy is known for speaking his mind and has pulled no punches after some horrendous judging decision at 2016 Olympic boxing tournament in Rio, that even saw AIBA reassign their Executive Director away from this Olympics.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated on TV this week he said:

“Look I’m in boxing all my life, 40 years. This is a powerful statement – I’ve never seen an organisation as corrupt in my life. It’s absurd. And I was disappointed with NBC, I’ll be quite frank. Some people won’t be thrilled about me saying this. They removed us. They removed me physically. They wouldn’t allow me call AIBA, this Dr. Wu who runs it, which I think is a shame in itself, that somebody has no integrity should have the title of doctor. Really I think it’s absurd.”

Teddy Atlas
Teddy Atlas is known for being one of the most passionate men in boxing

He went on:

“I find it appalling that this guy should have a doctor next to his name and he runs AIBA. Because we were making it very clear and we were calling him out on it, on the corruption on what we were seeing, doing our job, no medals for that, but doing our job. They actually said ‘We’re removing you from your place in front of the ring’.”

As Atlas concluded his opinion he also voiced his opinion on US broadcaster NBC further for this year’s coverage of the Olympic boxing tournament:

“NBC has done a really good job of hiding the boxing, surf through the channels, they don’t show it, they’re hiding it. So if that’s the answer, shame on them.”

The biggest judging controversy at this year’s Olympics came against Irish bantamweight Michael Conlan who lost out to his Russian counterpart after clearly winning his contest in the quarter-final stages.

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