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AIBA Drop Executive Director For 2016 Olympics After Judging Scandal


The AIBA (Amateur International Boxing Association) have come out with a new statement today, further to the confirmation yesterday that a number of their officials have been relieved of duty following some highly controversial judging at this year’s Olympic games.

This year’s boxing tournament in Rio has come in for more worldwide criticism than perhaps any other in recent memory following a number of crazy judging decisions that have seen boxers’ hearts torn in half and dreams shattered because of awful judging decisions.

The two most notable examples of this at this year’s games came against Kazakhstan’s Vasily Levit and Ireland’s Michael Conlan, who the common consensus of fans and experts alike are in agreement were hard done by.

To put it mildly.

It was Irishman Conlan’s candid interview following his exit however that caused massive headlines around the world, where he said:


“Amateur boxing stinks to the core.”

AIBA subsequently moved to dismiss a number of officials from the Rio Olympics but have now come out with the following statement saying their head man at the Olympics has now also been reassigned to a new role within the organisation:


Some will view this as too little too late however, with the damage already done to the boxers that lost out and with the fact that the Olympic boxing action only has four days left anyway, with the final day’s fights coming on Sunday.

The post-Olympics 2016 scrutiny of amateur boxing as a whole will no doubt be under an intensive, beaming spotlight.

It will be interesting to see how many fighters opt to turn professional as opposed to staying amateur for further international amateur tournaments.

(Image source and credit: AIBA)

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