Rio Olympics Boxing Results Day 7

Rio Olympics Boxing Results Day 7

Published On August 12, 2016 | By Niall Doran | Boxing Results

Don’t miss any of the scores with our Rio Olympics boxing results day 7 blog here at Boxing News and Views.

Today will see the first bit of female boxing action at this year’s Olympics and will also play host to two men’s quarterfinal bouts in the lightweight division, as well as two semi-finals in the light-flyweight division.

Yesterday at day six saw plenty of fists flying in another action packed day and in case you missed what happened, here’s the full list of scores and results from day six.

Now lets take a look at what’s ahead for day seven that will get underway today at approximately 15:00 GMT:

  • Women’s flyweight (48-51kg) – Tetyana Kob of Ukraine vs Stanimira of Bulgaria

Winner: Tetyana Kob 2-1

  • Women’s flyweight (48-51kg) – Yodgoroy Mirzaev of Uzbekistan vs Mandy Bujold of Canada

Winner: Mandy Bujold 3-0

  • Women’s lightweight (57-60kg) – Mira Potkonen of Finland vs Adriana Araujo of Brazil

Winner: Mira Potkonen 2-1

  • Women’s lightweight (57-60kg) – Junhua Yin of China vs Hasnaa Lachgar of Morocco

Winner: Junhua Yin 3-0

  • Men’s light-flyweight (46-49kg) – Hasanboy Dusmatov of Uzbekistan vs Nico Hernandez of USA

Winner: Hasanboy Dusmatov 3-0 (Dusmatov wins Bronze medal)

  • Men’s light-flyweight (46-49kg) – Joahnys Argilagos of Cuba vs Yurberjen Martinez of Colombia

Winner: Yurberjen Martinez 2-1 (Martinez wins Bronze medal)

  • Men’s lightweight (60kg) – Lazaro Alvarez of Cuba vs Carlos Balderas Jr of USA

Winner: Lazaro Alvarez 5-0

  • Men’s lightweight (60kg) – Hurshid Tojibaev of Uzbekistan vs Robson Conceicao of Brazil

Winner: Robson Conceica 3-0

  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Arlen Lopez of Cuba vs Zoltan Harcsa of Hungary

Winner: Arlen Lopez TKO

  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Christian Mbilli of France vs Marlo Delgado of Ecuador

Winner: Christian Mbilli 2-1

  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Zhanibek Alimkhanuly of Kazakhstan vs Illyas Abbadi of Algeria

Winner: Zhanibek Alimkhanuly 3-0

(Note: Action takes a break here and recommences at 21:00 GMT)

  • Women’s flyweight (48-51kg) – Ingrit Valencia of Colombia vs Judith Mbougnade of Central African Republic

Winner: Ingrit Valencia TKO

  • Women’s flyweight (48-51kg) – Zohra Ez Zahraoui of Morocco vs Sarah Ourahmoune of France

Winner: Sarah Ourahmoune 3-0

  • Women’s lightweight (57-60kg) – Jennifer Chieng of Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands vs Mikaela Mayer of USA

Winner: Mikaela Mayer 3-0

  • Women’s lightweight (57-60kg) – Irma Testa of Italy vs Shelley Watts of Australia

Winner: Irma Testa 2-1

  • Men’s lightweight (60kg) – Otgondalai Dorjnyambuu of Mongolia vs Reda Benbaziz of Algeria

Winner: Otgondalai Dorjnyambuu 3-0

  • Men’s lightweight (60kg) – Sofiane Oumiha of France vs Albert Selimov of Azerbaijan

Winner: Sofiane Oumiha 3-0

  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Kamran Shakhsuvarly of Azerbaijan vs Artem Chebotarev of Russia

Winner: Kamran Shakhsuvarly 2-1

  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Michael O’Reilly of Ireland vs Misael Rodriguez of Mexico

Winner: Misael Rodriguez Walkover

  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Dieudonne Seyi Ntsengue of Cameroon vs Hosam Abdin of Egypt

Winner: Hosam Abdin 3-0

  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Krishan Vikas of India vs Onder Sipal of Turkey

Winner: Krishan Vikas 3-0

  • Men’s middleweight (75kg) – Daniel Lewis of Australia vs Bektemir Melikuziev of Uzbekistan

Winner: Bektemir Melikuziev 3-0

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