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On This Day 14 Years Ago Lennox Lewis Stopped Mike Tyson (Full Fight)


I can still remember where I was when I watched this fight, the biggest by far of it’s time in the pre-Mayweather era back in 2002. Two heavyweight titans from either side of the Atlantic were to collide, all be it past ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson’s best.

Nonetheless though, Lennox Lewis put on a boxing exhibiton on June 8th 2002 at the Pyramid Arena in Memphis, Tennessee.

A brutal beatdown on a shell of a Mike Tyson who had taunted and goaded Lewis for years prior.

Perhaps the fight will be remembered also for it’s incredibly controversial build-up, where promoters of the event struggled to get a venue for the fight following a crazy brawl that ensued after it’s initial announcement.

Las Vegas for example in the State of Nevada in the US, a place where in parts prostitution is legal, wouldn’t even have the Lewis vs Tyson fight on.

Alas, they found a State that would and Lewis proceeded to solidify his position as the best heavyweight of his particular era, all be it in the eyes of some, an era after a young Tyson went south and succumbed to multiple outside the ring issues.

What a boxing display by Lewis though, and what a finish. Here’s the full fight as and how it happened in 2002:

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