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Haye vs Gjergjaj A Horrendous Mismatch

by Tim Redigolo


David Haye outclassed Arnold Gjergjaj with ease in what was, ultimately, a heavily mismatched contest.

Gjergjaj didn’t throw any meaningful punches, particularly in the first round, after going down following a left right combination from Haye.

As the Cobra did his best to make it through to the bell, the crowd grew a little restless at the prospect of a second first round knockout of the evening.

The Kosovan fighter, based in Switzerland, did hit the deck again but this time after the first round bell had gone.

His complaints to the referee that Haye’s right hook had been illegal were waved away as he was encouraged to get on with it.


The second round continued in much the same vein as the first as Haye, with his usual swaying gait, was completely on top.

He landed a nice right uppercut and shortly after put Gjergjaj down with a left. As the Swiss-based puncher continued to throw little, the fans disappointment in the lack of quality shown by Gjergjaj began to grow.

In the end Gjergjaj was resigned to defeat, crumbling to the canvas after being pounded against the ropes.

What is clear is Haye needs to be up against a top ten opponent so that he can show how competitive he can be, especially after his injury problems, which he believes are behind him.

In his post-match interview he explained that during the flurry of punches that led to the knockout, he was using the muscle that he had had operated and that he had not felt any discomfort.

During the lead up to this fight Haye had spoke on his belief that Anthony Joshua’s camp have been swerving him, and it’s clear why.

The Hayemaker has power and speed and looks as if he could cause the IBF heavyweight champion problems.

As a result of being overlooked Haye is left to take on the Mark De Moris and Arnold Gjergjajs of the heavyweight circuit.

With a Briggs fight scheduled for September 2016, boxing fans will have to remain patient before seeing Haye step in the ring with a top ten ranked boxer.

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