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Unbeaten Welterweight George Hennon Boxing Tonight at York Hall, Says He’ll Be More Spiteful

by Tim Rickson


Unbeaten welterweight prospect, George Hennon (2-0) from Kent is all set to fight in his third pro contest against Bulgarian Danny Donchev (6-85-2) at London’s York Hall tonight.

The 21-year-old is the scheduled second bout on the bill which will be his first appearance at the historic East End venue and doubling up as the first ever Dennis Hobson Promotions show laid on in the capital in co-promotion with Danny Maclaren.

The unbeaten 147-pounder, trained by Johnny and Frank Greaves at the Peacock Gym, took time out to talk to Boxing News & Views just 24 hours before he bites down on his gum shield and says, “Let’s go!”

How are you feeling ahead of the contest?

“Yeah wicked! All ready now. Just on way back from my nan and granddads, I always pay them a visit the day before I fight. I woke up this morning and was lighter on the scales so it will be nice to wake up tomorrow and have something to eat.


It’s probably been the best camp so far. Frank [Greaves] put me through some tough strength and conditioning circuits that have helped me a lot with my power; I’m really feeling the weight behind the punches now.”

What has been the best spar of the camp?

“Done a bit with former Irish champion, Micky Coveney. He’s perfect for me because he’s like my opponent in that he’s tough and keeps coming forward. He’s come down the Peacock [Gym] a few times and we done about 12-15 rounds together.

Johnny [Greaves] has been there the whole way through the training camp but went away on Tuesday so Frank [Greaves] did the last couple of sessions with me.”

What problems could your opponent, Danny Donchev, cause, if any?

“I don’t really see him causing any problems, really. His style is beneficial to me, he walks forward and his style suits the way I box. I know he’s a bit awkward, had 90 fights so he’s experienced and knows his way around the ring. He’s no mug.”

george hennon boxing
Johnny Greaves and George Hennon

First fight of the year, will we see anything different from your previous fight last October?

“I’ll be a lot more spiteful this time, it’s something that Johnny’s been drilling into me this camp, and a lot more powerful in this fight.”

How many fans will be in support?

“At the moment, I’ve sold 105 tickets but there’s even more coming up on the night. People that have come to support before are bringing more mates with them so its growing every time and getting better.

I’ll look forward to seeing them all after. The local club is staying open late so I can have a drink and spend time with everyone afterwards.”

Tyson Fury grabbed the headlines once again this week, are you a fan?

“I’m a massive fan of his, I think he’s great! People hate him but I think he’s brilliant, and good for boxing. This time next week, I’ll be looking like Tyson Fury, ha-ha!”

(Images sent in by Tim Rickson)

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