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Cecilia Brækhus Talks Headlining A Boxing Show In Norway For First Time Since 1981


Recently I caught up with 4x time World Champion Cecilia Braekhus. See what she has to say on her next opponent, fighting on the Fury-Klitschko undercard, the growth of female boxing, her plans to fight on the first boxing show in Norway since 1981 and the legacy she want’s to leave behind when she leaves the Sport.

How did you get into Boxing, did you find it hard to be taken seriously in such a male dominated sport?

I started with kickboxing when I was 13. I became world champion and European champion before I went to boxing. I tried boxing because I wanted a new challenge and I fell in love at once.

With Boxing banned in Norway, how hard did you find it trying to become a boxer?

Yes it was tough. Until last year professional boxing was a crime in Norway, you could go to jail. I had to move to Germany to train and pursue a career. But this year I will headline the first boxing show since 1981.


You have broken many records in women’s boxing but what one achievement stands out the most?

I can’t say one. Sport wise I have so many great memories. As both amateur boxer and pro. Be independent and start Firstlady promotions and Firstlady Sport is definitely something that’s not been done in female boxing before.

What has it been like working with Johnathan Banks, how has he helped you improve as a fighter?

So much fun. I have new fresh eyes on my boxing. I take the best from German school and mix it up with more American Boxing style. He has really improved my jab and footwork among others.

Cecilia Brækhus

How is the sport of Boxing seen in Norway?


It’s getting more recognition. And when the ban is lifted it’s easier to show people the beauty in boxing. Now people think it’s very shady business.

Ivana Habazin recently said her biggest dream is a rematch with you, what do you think of those comments and is it a fight that interests you?

No Habazin don’t interest me. I am looking for new at  Gabrielle, Christina hammer and Erikah Farias ,maybe rematch with Mikaela Lauren or Mathis. But with Habazin in boxing never say never.

(Cecilia Braekhus vs Ivana Habazin – via luft1001)

What do you make of Mikaela Lauren’s stance that she wouldn’t fight Ivana Habazin unless the ring card girl’s are replaced by ring card boy’s. Do you agree with her on this matter do you see it as sexist?


I don’t care I just have focus on my fight. But I have had girls and boys showing the rounds in my fight. That seems fair.

Women’s Boxing is on the rise no doubt but but what more do you think could be done to grow the female side of the sport? Do you think enough is being done?

I think it’s up to Promoters and TV to broadcast Female Boxing. But things are happening,  K2 Promotion, Sauerland Promotions and Mayweather Promotions among some showing Female Boxing. But we need more TV fights and don’t say it can’t be done with female boxing on TV. I am a PPV boxer and girls like Regina Halmich had 7-8 mill viewers in Germany for a fight.

Holly Holm recently hit out at the Boxing media for not covering female boxing like they cover men’s. She said the boxing media only cares now because she is in the UFC. What do you think of the Boxing media do and how they cover Female Boxing?

I think Holly is right. Some boxing writers have straight out ignored female boxing. But that also is about to change a bit I feel.

You have a great kickboxing record, do you think you will ever venture into MMA?


No I am too old lol.

You recently returned to the ring, How do you see the rest of the year panning out?

I see two more fights  for me this year. Maybe one on Klitschko-Fury undercard but definitely one in Norway.

You are respected as probably the best female boxer there has been, what legacy would you like to leave on the sport when you hang up the gloves?

That you can be a female boxing star without selling on nakedness and sex. Be strong and confident.

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