Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather has been in a state of retirement since his last outing in the ring against Andre Berto, but is clearly focused on making money outside of the ring too.


Mayweather has hinted at making a comeback at different times this year but it hasn’t happened yet, nor will it likely happen in 2016 one would imagine.

But the elusive 50-0 record that would eclipse Rocky Marciano’s record within the sport will likely prove too lucrative a carrot financially to turn down, as well as too impressive an additional stamp for his boxing legacy to shy away from.

Perhaps it will more than likely be 2017 before any final hurrah for Mayweather to go for 50-0 would become a reality, at this point.

But then again, would he really need or want to? Particularly if he’s doing so well outside the ring.

In an interview with Ben Thompson of Fight Hype, Mayweather revealed that he is involved in a number of different business ventures outside the ring himself and that he is helping close friends with, from real estate, to exotic cars, to even medical marijuana:

“Jamie Blair, we working on her medical marijuana, because medical marijuana has been helping a lot of people that’s been sick in different ways.”

When it comes to his own real estate portfolio, things are also going very well he revealed:

“In commercial real estate, the portfolio is crazy. Over a billion dollars in property. It’s well over.”

From a boxing standpoint, many fans of the sport will be hoping to see Mayweather exhibit his legendary skills one last time, if he does decide to go for the 50-0 record that is.

On that note, here’s a quick reminder as to why Floyd Mayweather is probably the greatest defensive fighter of all time (hat tip to jhon01man for the upload):

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