shawn porter training routine

The Exhaustingly Impressive Shawn Porter Training Routine

Published On April 3, 2016 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News, Boxing Views and Opinion

Former world champion Shawn Porter is gearing up for his latest tilt at a world title in June 2016 and is taking no shortcuts in his (to put it mildly) intensive preparation.


On June 25th Shawn Porter will take on US rival Keith Thurman for the WBA welterweight championship of the world and if Thurman thinks his opponent isn’t taking things serious, he might want to think again when he looks at this relentless Shawn Porter training routine.

The fight was originally postponed but Porter has been keeping himself busy in the gym, with an exhibition fight behind close doors to keep his tools sharp.

But this doesn’t do his preparation full justice, he’s also been undertaking in some new cutting edge training techniques with the use of an oxygen mask, where one of the facilities he’s using apparently even has Oxygen levels controlled scientifically to simulate high altitude – thus expanding his stamina capacity on the night.

On top of this, his regiment further includes ample sparring, agility work, pad work, track runs, speed bag drills, body bag work, hill runs, swimming, weights, crunches, core work, heavy bag drills, resistance training, hurdling and more.

Even writing that out just now almost made this writer rather tired.

The folks at Muscle Madness have put together this excellent 9 minute video compilation on the hardcore Shawn Porter training routine, if you are brave enough to ever try it:

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