Marco Huck vs Ola Afolabi 4

Marco Huck vs Ola Afolabi 4 Preview and Prediction

Published On February 25, 2016 | By Peter Wells | Boxing News

This weekend will mark the fourth occasion these crusierweight rivals have fought, in what many are billing as yet another genuine 50-50 affair.


Marco Huck vs Ola Afolabi 4

When it comes to combat it is in our nature to refuse to quit, it is more than just simply pride that convinces us we can come out on top, even if our previous furrows into combat have lacked success.

You would have thought that the criminal gangs would get the picture by now that they should leave their feud with Liam Neeson at the door, because we could get all the way to Taken 99 and I doubt even the whole of Albania would get the better of Neeson.

But much like the fictionalised Albanian mafia, Ola Afolabi will simply not back down from his quest to conquer his nemesis…Marco Huck.

Even without the WBO Cruiserweight title on the line for the first time in this series of fights, Afolabi 22-4-4 (11KO’s) has all the motivation he needs to meet Huck for a 4th time. 1 draw and 2 narrow defeats are all that stands between British born Afolabi and Serbian born Huck.

Based in America, Afolabi’s career began on a rocky road, which saw him start his career with 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat.

After a string of wins that led to a 9th round stoppage of Enzo Maccarinelli, Ola took his first aim at the German based star.

Huck’s first defence was rocky, in a fight that swayed one way then another he escaped with a narrow win, one that left Afolabi feeling that the German setting for that fight had swayed the judges in the champions favour.

Huck 38-3-1 (26KO’s) improved and soon stood head and shoulders above the rest at the top of the Cruiserweight division.

(Highlights from one of their many battles via the humax1956 YouTube account)

A swift move to Heavyweight saw Huck give promising Alexander Povetkin all he could handle before losing a majority decision – the first reverse on his record since a late stoppage at the hands of former world champion Steve Cunningham.

Huck stepped back down to Cruiserweight where once again he met the determined Afolabi.

This time around Ola grabbed a draw but was unable to relinquish the long standing world champion of his prized belt. But the pair met once again a year later where like the first meeting Huck was marginally victorious.

Opinions have been split over the three fights, one could say that Afolabi just has Huck’s number, but that may be discrediting that Afolabi does have world class pedigree.

His equally narrow defeat to IBF champion Victor Ramirez in Argentina suggested that Afolabi had the capability to become more than just the nearly man.

And for the first time in their series of meetings, Ola comes in as the champion, having won the lesser recognised IBO title with a dramatic stoppage of hard hitting Russian, Rakhim Chakhiev. The 35 year old Afolabi punished a naïve Chakhiev having soaked up a ton of early punishment.

Both Afolabi and Huck are rough around the edges, and that is what has made this rivalry such an enjoyable one to watch. But maybe for the first time it is Afolabi that has the advantage. The timing may just be perfect to finally exact his revenge.

Last time out in America, Huck lost his WBO title at the hands of unheralded Krzysztof Glowacki in the 11th round. Huck’s own defensive vulnerabilities were once again exposed.

The German crowd will once again be thoroughly entertained as this grueling feud may finally come to an end.

Afolabi will be as pumped up as he has ever been, but his own sometimes crude style will almost always leave him entrenched in a tough, close contest, and having landed everything but the kitchen sink in the previous 36 rounds these two have shared, it is unlikely that he will now score the stoppage to take the final decision away from the judges.

However at the end of the 48th round of back and forth action, Afolabi will finally have his hand raised as the victor, closing the final page on a chapter inside the Ola Afolabi story that can be titled – Never Give Up!

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