Changing Room Between Frampton and Quigg

Camps Argue Over Who Gets Bigger Changing Room Between Frampton and Quigg

Published On February 25, 2016 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

Today’s final press conference between Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg started late due to a dispute over who as the lead fighter of the show, gets to have the main changing room on the night.


Entertaining Argument On Size Of Changing Room Between Frampton and Quigg

These type of last minute tit for tats in boxing are not uncommon, whether it is a dispute over gloves, the size of the ring or what have you, but changing rooms to the best of this writer’s knowledge have never came up before.

On his way into the arena for the press conference today Quigg promoter Eddie Hearn mentioned that Quigg as the hometown fighter was entitled to the main dressing room in Saturday’s super-bantamweight unification bout.

However, as Carl Frampton was on his way to the venue he told a BBC reporter that he was the lead fighter in the contest, with his name on the show posters first as ‘Frampton vs Quigg’ and that contractually he was assigned as the star of the show, giving him the main dressing room on the night.

More than likely this is just some pre-fight handbags and perhaps a last ditch attempt from both sides to get one over on each other.

Frampton also joked that Quigg was making the request as he was “superstitious” which was a sign of weakness in the Belfast man’s eyes, and that he had thrown the “toys out of the pram.”

It is highly unlikely an issue of this bizarre a nature would lead to problems with the fight actually going ahead, one would of thought.

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