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Top Pro Boxers Could Be Coming To The Olympics

by Niall Doran


In some potentially ground breaking news for the sport this week, it appears that pro boxing and Olympic amateur boxing could form a bit of an alliance in the future, it would seem.


The AIBA (Amateur International Boxing Association) which governs the amateur code globally, are understood to be considering very interesting proposals from people in the professional boxing world this week.

The Press Association has reported that current obstacles that prohibit top level professional boxers (including world champions) competing in the Olympic Games, could be removed entirely depending on the outcome of an AIBA meeting in Manchester this week.

Under current rules from the AIBA (which celebrates it’s 70th birthday this year), a pro boxer who has had less than 15 paid contests can fight in the Olympics, on condition that they sign a short term agreement with an organisation called the APB, who are essentially the AIBA’s extension in the professional boxing world.


However, apparently this concept has not been too fruitful since it’s inception first back in 2013, which has lead to these new plans being discussed where amended rules brought in could potentially allow for any professional boxer regardless of how many fights they’ve had or what they’ve been paid, to possibly fight in the Olympics.

With the fast approaching Rio Olympics coming up in 2016, it is highly doubtful that any such agreement would likely be reached before then, but it certainly asks a lot of questions for down the line in boxing.

In theory, a professional world boxing champion could fight in the Olympics for their respective nation, which would obviously give some pro fighters (world champions aside mind you) a lot of extra exposure due to the popularity and global reach of the Olympic Games.

However, there would also be the fears of the fairness of such a move too, undoubtably, as such an idea could see high level professional athletes compete against amateur fighters, with those within the game knowing that the two sports are very, very different, for many reasons.

Presumably a potential move would see high level pro fighters fighting one another and not against amateur boxers, fighter’s of an equal or close skill level, I would have thought.

It could also bring up the question of could boxing become a single unified sport one day, where both amateur and professional protagonists compete all under the same roof, so to speak.

A very intriguing bit of news nonetheless though, no doubt about it.

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