Frampton Quigg Predictions

(Exclusive) 37 Frampton Quigg Predictions From the UK, Ireland and Around The World

Published On February 22, 2016 | By Niall Doran | Boxing Views and Opinion

Ahead of this weekend’s massive super-bantamweight world title unification between Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg, we wanted to get the views and predictions from people in the world of boxing, sport and from our own multi-national team, to give as fair an analysis as possible on where opinion is currently sitting. Here’s what we found out.


Ricky Hatton Former two-weight World champion

Frampton Quigg Predictions

Its a 50-50 fight, whatever way it goes won’t surprise me but I see Quigg winning on points due to work rate or a late knock out stoppage.

Quigg has a very high tempo and throws a lot of punches. I see him showing lots of angles so that Carl can’t set himself for his big punches, like he did against Martinez and walking him on to one at some point.

Steve Goodwin, Goodwin Promotions

Frampton Quigg Predictions

For me Frampton wins this fairly comfortably. Quigg for me has been flattered by good matchmaking and I cannot forget his performance (or lack of it) against Salinas.

Frampton for me had an off night last time, but I have always believed is far better technically and is superior in all skills departments. Quigg has a punchers chance and for me that is his chance.

Peter Fury

Frampton Quigg Predictions

I think its a genuine 50-50 fight. I think I’d have to edge Frampton just on the slightly better boxing skills if it goes to points. But Quigg is more aggressive and he’s a powerhouse, he can punch and he’s dangerous and he comes with pure determination. I think its going to be a hard fight.

I think Frampton to stop Quigg he’s going to have to nail him to the floor. It could swing either way. Exactly, you don’t meet fire with fire. My advice to somebody like Frampton would be to box. But then it’s up to Quigg to cut him off. If it does go to points I’d favour Frampton.

Jason McClory, Longshots Sports

Frampton Quigg Predictions

I think this is a fight that the boxing public really want to see. Two very evenly matched boxers it is hard to pick a winner.

I edge just slightly to Scott Quigg by points or late stoppage being naturally bigger and more experienced at this level. It is only by a hair though.

Wayne Adeniyi Central Area cruiserweight champion

Frampton Quigg Predictions

I think Frampton outboxes him. I just think he’s got far more ability for Quigg to deal with and think he’ll struggle with his style. It wouldn’t be an easy fight because Quigg will be in it all the way but style-wise, Frampton will outmaneuver him, and he’ll be far too much for him to handle.

Quigg will be very fit and strong so he’ll be in the fight and it won’t be a complete domination. He’s a good champion and got a decent boxing IQ, and he’ll use decent footwork and feints so that he’ll push the fight but it’ll open him up for Frampton to counter.

Style-wise he’ll suit Frampton who will be able to get his shots off and box nicely on the back foot. He’ll favour Quigg’s style. Maybe a late stoppage for Frampton.

Mickey Helliet Hellraiser Promotions

Frampton Quigg Predictions

I think Frampton to win on points because I think he’s the better boxer, although they are both very decent operators. I’m expecting a technical fight rather than a slug fest, both fighters are experienced enough to pace themselves over 12 rounds, hence points rather than stoppage.

I don’t see Quigg being so far behind that he can’t win it, I just favour Frampton on what I’ve seen of them so far. The winner vs Rigo will be a very big fight too.

Ben Day Southern Area super-lightweight champion

Frampton Quigg Predictions

I think Carl Frampton will be too strong for Quigg, maybe a stoppage win, especially with half of Ireland behind you!

Thomas Kindon Unbeaten super-bantamweight

Frampton Quigg Predictions

I can’t wait for the 27th February! It’s not just because these two are in my weight division, it’s also because this should be a really close and exciting fight. I think Quigg will edge it, or maybe even knock Frampton out.

I think Quigg has more power and may be slightly fitter. Some of the Sky pundits called him a ‘gym rat’, saying he’d always have his kit on him in case he fancied a workout.

I think in the end it’ll come down to experience and Quigg will win. He’s got this angry and determined look in his eye, which I saw this week and that makes me think he’s gonna’ come out on top.

Matt Marsh, Former British super-bantamweight champion

Frampton Quigg Predictions

I was going for Frampton but I’ve recently changed my mind and going for Quigg now.

It’s a 50/50 fight but Quigg in his interviews looks more relaxed and ready, and that is edging it for me. Good luck to the both of them.

George Lacey KICCA

Frampton Quigg Predictions

“I think Scott Quigg is prepared to run through a brick wall to stop Frampton and I expect him to throw everything he’s got in this grudge match.

The bad blood between the two camps is at boiling point as well, which’ll give both fighters the impetus, but the way in which Quigg blitzed Martinez leaves me to believe this is just the start for him and Carl Frampton will be next on the destruction list.

I expect Carl to stay at mid-range and try to box Quigg but I am expecting a stoppage from the Gallagher’s Gym fighter in the sixth to eighth rounds. I think Quigg’s relentless work-rate will work hugely in his favour. Regardless of who wins though, what a privilege it will be to watch these excellent super-bantamweights go at it on home soil.

Team Boxing News and Views

Liam McInerney

Frampton Quigg Predictions

I’m backing Frampton, simply because of his speed. His quick feints, footwork and boxing ability should prove too much for Quigg.

However, Frampton has been tagged with his hands low in the past and Quigg has the power to rock Frampton. But don’t underestimate Frampton’s right hand either, it’s quick and accurate. Frampton via UD.

Andreas Georgiou

Frampton Quigg Predictions

Quigg vs. Frampton really does present arguably the great super bantamweight clash ever on the British Isles.

Frampton had the toughest challenge of his career against Alejandro Gonzalez, Jr, a fight in which we learnt a lot about the heart and grit of the IBF title holder.

Quigg arguably hits harder than the majority of the guys Frampton has ever fought and because of that I believe he can complete the heated narrative and get the win in his back yard.

Stewart John Lawrence

Frampton Quigg Predictions

What a fight for February. Really excited that it’s now happening, and at the right time. I’m a huge fan of both fighters, but (small but) I favour Quigg in this one. I believe that Quigg was an OK fighter that has been molded by Joe Gallagher into a potential great fighter.

You can argue about, talent, engines etc, but one thing for me is that Quigg listens and has the confidence in what Joe tells him. That for me will be the difference in the fight. I’ll be happy if either fight wins, and I believe it will live up to the hype! My money though is on Quigg!

Ruairi McGonigle

Frampton Quigg Predictions

Scott is a big puncher and is capable of hurting anyone but I feel that his footwork is not great and he hasn’t got a lot of punch variety, probably down to a lack of amateur experience.

Frampton on the other hand is a very skilled fighter and was a seasoned amateur. For this reason I feel that Carl will come through one or two tough moments to win a clear decision.

Peter Moss

Frampton Quigg Predictions

I think it’s a pretty even fight with Frampton having a considerable edge in technical ability. Also Quigg has a habit of standing right in front of his opponent and just covering up while taking punches.

While Quigg has the power advantage I think Frampton’s craft can keep him out of danger long enough to take an exciting, yet dramatic decision.

Marc Gorman

Frampton Quigg Predictions

I believe Quigg basing his motivation on gym rumours about Frampton will be his undoing. Frampton showed his ability to adjust in his last fight, let’s face it, he was caught cold in round 1.

Quiggs win over Martinez flatters the fact that he swung wildly at Kiko until he went down. The Jackal will be too slick, too smart and will control every area of the fight for me.

Michael O’Neill

Frampton Quigg Predictions

Two fine boxers but no doubt in my mind that Frampton will win. Quigg with start off,all guns firing but by end of round five Frampton will have demonstrated who is ‘the real’ champion and will emerge a worthy winner.

Daniel Rogers

Frampton Quigg Predictions

While Scott Quigg has the advantage in experience and also height, I think this fight results in a Frampton win. I think he will do a better job getting himself in the right positions in this fight to score his punches clean.

I also think the biggest factor in this fight, as with many, is the mental aspect and I believe Frampton has already won the mental aspect and has got in Quigg’s head and caused some doubt.

A great fight for British and Irish fight fans.

Jeff Marr

Frampton Quigg Predictions

Frampton vs Quigg looks to be a brawl. They both throw looping right hooks in between jabs have a high output of punches. I feel this fight will be a messy affair.

I predict Frampton will have the cleaner shots and beat Quigg to the punch in the end, however. Frampton by TKO round 7.

Kane Clarke

Frampton Quigg Predictions

Quite a few people are going to disagree with me and say I’m being bias, but I honestly only see this going one way, badly for Quigg. Carl wins by KO for me in the middle part of the fight. I see Quigg coming out being wild in the first few rounds putting Frampton on the back foot, but then for Carl to come on strong rounds 4-7.

And unfortunately for Quigg, I think the referee will have to step in and save him from a vicious and calculated assault. Bring on Rigo 🙂

Ivy Habaradas

Frampton Quigg Predictions

I’m really looking forward to this one! These two are really intense about this fight so you know it’s going to be good! It really can go either way so this is a tough call.

But, I’m going to go with Frampton! No KOs though. I expect it to go all the way with a very close decision!

Peter Wells

Frampton Quigg Predictions

This fight has been about as easy to predict as it is to pick the winning lottery numbers! Judging by most recent performances then Quigg has the edge, but I have leaned towards Frampton for some time now and with all things considered I just can’t see enough reason to sway from that pick.

Both will have perfectly drawn out game plans, but i expect Frampton’s physical attributes to win out in the end as he draws Quigg in before asserting himself as the sharper puncher. Frampton in a close one on points.

Killian Down

Frampton Quigg Predictions

There is many an analyst more adept than I on the Boxing News and Views team at breaking down a fight stylistically. With that in mind I’d like to point towards the psychological side of things.

On the evidence of last week’s face to face between Frampton and Quigg, it would seem to me that Frampton is far more relaxed and confident in his own abilities ahead of this clash.

Quigg on the other hand seemed like a man who didn’t quite believe what he was saying, taunting and goading but without any conviction in his jibes.

Allied with the fighter’s respective physical abilities, this one is a Frampton decision victory for me.

Dean Berks

Frampton Quigg Predictions

Quigg late round stoppage. I can see why Frampton is favorite but while this is thought as of a steppingstone stone fight by him, for Quigg, who lives almost like a monk, this is everything to him.

Plus, even though he boxes in a slight crouch, he appears to have a natural size advantage. But desire for me is the key. Behind on points and probably off the floor, Quigg takes this for me.

Anthony Connolly

Frampton Quigg Predictions

Frampton for me, better fighter in every department with the exception of maybe on the inside, but his superior boxing ability should put him clear of any trouble in that department, late stoppage or clear 12 rd decision.

Tim Rickson TR Sports

Frampton Quigg Predictions

Great fight for the fans that’s been in the making for years – two unbeaten world champions putting it all on the line! There’s a lot at stake for both – their world titles, unbeaten records, and bragging rights.

Of the two, I think Frampton is better technically but Quigg possesses the greater power, although in a fight of this magnitude, I can’t see Frampton getting drawn in for that power to play too big a part in the fight.

I wouldn’t rule out a KO either way, however. With Quigg loading up there’ll be openings for Frampton to exploit and, as such a dangerous puncher, Quigg always stands the chance of ending any fight early.

I believe that The Jackal will stick to his boxing and edge every round right up until the final bell, winning on points.

Steve Wellings

Frampton Quigg Predictions

Ever since 2010, when Carl was packing out the Ulster Hall and Quigg boxing under Ricky Hatton on Sky Sports, I’ve expected a fight between the two. I was always totally convinced that Frampton would blast Quigg out of the water in fairly comprehensive fashion. While I still believe Frampton will win on Feb 27, right now I have it as close to a 50-50 as I’ve ever seen it.

Quigg’s a big guy for the weight who punches hard and whacks well to the body. His defence isn’t revolutionary, often just gloves tucked against the ears, and he is fairly upright at times, lacking the mobility and athletic qualities of Frampton. It is Carl’s movement, judgement of range and superior footwork that I see making the difference.

I pick Frampton to win on points with possibly a scare or two along the way.

Gavan Casey

Frampton Quigg Predictions

An explosive two-round disposal of double-Frampton foe Kiko Martinez seems to have tipped the scales in Scott Quigg’s favour; the right uppercut which unravelled the Spaniard indeed a tactical masterstroke in an otherwise slightly curious performance from the Bury banger.

Though only for a singular stanza, Quigg did struggle to establish range between he and the pint-sized pressure fighter from Alicante – this despite a massive height and reach advantage. Compared to the shorter Frampton, who largely kept Martinez at arm’s length for 12 rounds when before claiming the IBF title 18 months ago, it does beg a number of questions regarding the respective power and boxing ability of each fighter.

Where Quigg and talented trainer Joe Gallagher should rightly feel buoyant at the comparable speed with which they quelled Kiko, Frampton and Shane McGuigan will point to Frampton’s superior ring IQ. Downed twice by Alejandro Gonzalez on the same night that Quigg blasted Martinez, Frampton navigated his way past the Mexican’s right hand and imposed his will on a fight that any super-bantamweight not named Guillermo Rigondeaux would have seen slip away.

It will be this adaptability which will guide the Belfast icon through some hairy moments in the early rounds, and see him over the line on the scorecards in a tense but fleetingly pulsating contest.

Prediction: Carl Frampton via Unanimous Decision.

Cathal Jennings

Frampton Quigg Predictions

I am backing Scott Quigg to win on points/late stoppage. I think it will be a very cagey affair throughout with not much to separate them. Quigg has the experience with 12 more fights than Frampton and I think that will count on the night.

With his reach advantage Quigg can use his jab to fend off Frampton which will impress the judges and make Frampton look sloppy. I think the cleaner work will come from Quigg and I can see a UD victory for Scott . Quigg has got huge stamina something I don’t think Carl has so should he get tired I can see Quigg stopping him late on.

Conor Creamer

Frampton Quigg Predictions

This is a fantastic match-up that will produce a memorable atmosphere at the Manchester Arena on February 27. Frampton has the superior boxing skills but clearly laboured in his American debut last time out. Quigg, on the other hand, is in the form of his life.

A thunderous knockout against Kiko Martinez last year proved his worth as world class caliber. This should be an intriguing clash tactically with both fighters boasting superb trainers. I do, however, fancy Scott Quigg to win. He is the stronger man with the better power, and stamina, to his name and should prove too powerful for Frampton over 12 rounds.

Prediction: Scott Quigg via stoppage.

Dean Gillen Middleweight boxer

frampton quigg predictions

Frampton v Quigg is a real 50/50 pick-it fight for me. I’ve changed my mind constantly on who wins ever since the fight was made and throughout the build up.

But when push comes to punch, I’ll go with Frampton. The Jackal might get put down as Quigg has the power, but I fancy Frampton to fight back to win on points!

Allan Thompson

frampton quigg predictions

This is a fight that in a way I’m gutted about it happening cause I have the utmost respect and deep admiration for both can’t split em in my fans aye. But my money is on Frampton to take the decision. Quigg’s strongest point, his aggression, will play right into Frampton’s strongest point, boxing on the back foot looking for what’s coming his way.

Frampton has many ways to fight while Quigg, I believe, relies to much on one aspect, brute strength. Can Quigg adapt? I don’t think he can especially fighting at home while looking to put on a sensational beat down and in the process leaving to many openings allowing Frampton to pick away as he pleases. Frampton UD.

John O’Donovan

frampton quigg predictions

I am very rarely arrogant about my picks in perceived 50/50 fights, but one thing I have always been certain of is that Carl Frampton is a level above Scott Quigg. The fight has been built as the boxer (Frampton) vs the puncher (Quigg), but I think people are either forgetting or ignoring the power Frampton carries. Quigg is a good fighter – fit, strong and carries power.

For me, Frampton is all that and more. I believe Frampton will box on the back foot and counter punch his way to a wide points victory. I believe Quigg will be discouraged by the snap in Frampton’s punches and will spend the whole fight struggling to get on the inside – where he needs to be to have any chance of winning this fight.

Dan Thomson

frampton quigg predictions

Frampton-Quigg has literally been years in the making and I can’t wait for the fight to finally come around now. Both fighters and their camps are extremely confident which means someone is in for a big shock on 27 February.

I’ve always thought Frampton was the stronger, sturdier and more talented fighter and I stick with that. While you could argue that Quigg has improved more, especially recently, and that Frampton’s performances have plateaued slightly, we’ll only know for sure on the night if the fight is really the 50-50 many perceive it to be.

In my opinion, the best Carl Frampton beats the best Scott Quigg and I see the Jackal winning by UD in a competitive, entertaining fight, potentially with one or two knockdowns along the way.

Quigg is a very good fighter and will give Frampton problems – he may even hurt him – but thanks to the Belfast man’s superior ring IQ and ability to fight going forward and on the back foot when needed, I see him pulling away after the early rounds, which I expect to be close and fiercely fought.

Whatever happens, this fight is great for boxing and for fans of the sport. You’ve got two unbeaten champions, putting both their titles and their pride on the line, with the genuine needle between the fighters and their camps adding even more intrigue and excitement to the mix. It promises to be a great night in Manchester on the 27th.

Tim Redigolo

Frampton Quigg Predictions

It’s a really difficult fight to call, both fighters seem to cancel each other out. My heart thinks Quigg will do it, he has this crazy look in his eyes that says to me he really, really wants to surprise people, prove people wrong, and win convincingly.

But my head thinks Frampton, he’s got the skill to perhaps out-point Quigg given his amateur background and the fight could well go the distance. I’ll go for a Quigg knock-out because that’s what I want to see on the 27th.

Gavin O’Connor

Frampton Quigg Predictions

This is a 50/50 fight in my eyes but i still favour Frampton, just.

The ‘Jackal’  has a stylistic advantage over Quigg and is the technically better boxer I feel. It could be an early contender for fight of the year. Frampton by split decision.

Jeremy O’Connell

Frampton Quigg Predictions

This fight is something we get far too little of in boxing: a pure 50-50 affair, and no outcome would surprise me. Frampton is the better boxer and I could see him using Quigg’s aggression against him for a points win, or stopping him late.

However, I think a combination of home advantage and Frampton being tight at the weight favours Quigg, who I predict wins a debatable split decision.

Final Prediction Tally:

26 votes to 11 in favour of Carl Frampton, giving an overall 70% prediction rate for the IBF champion to emerge victorious on Saturday night.

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