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Tyson Fury Shows Touch Of Class With Inspirational Youngster Bailey Matthews

by Niall Doran


As we embark on the holiday season and Christmas period, it was great to stumble across this heart warming video (below) online following the recent BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards ceremony in Belfast.


Newly crowned heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury finished just off a podium spot in the end, to the surprise of some people who didn’t even want him to be at the awards, such was a petition drummed up by various individuals.

Alas, freedom of speech and democracy won out in the end, with Fury rightly been in attendance at the awards show, and with the public having voted Fury into fourth place, they clearly recognised his outstanding achievement in Germany.

Tyson Fury Shows Touch Of Class

Having once met Fury and spoke to him with a group of friends of mine in Dublin a few years ago in a hotel before the Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Willie Casey world title fight, I can honestly say he was a very polite and obliging guy, who made plenty of time for fans.

Perhaps what was a great testament to this good nature of Fury was a video that emerged this week, showing the champion making time for BBC Sports Personality of the Year young hero Bailey Matthews.

Bailey is an 8 year old boy from the UK with cerebral palsy. At the BBC SPOTY awards he captured the public’s hearts, as he won the ‘Helen Rollason Award’ after remarkably completing his first triathlon last summer. The BBC describe the prestigious award as for:

“Outstanding achievement in the face of adversity.”

Bailey playfully challenged the heavyweight champ to a fight when they met one another after the show, with Fury happy to make time for the inspirational young man from Yorkshire.

Here’s the moment the two met, as captured by the folks at BBC Sport:

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