Bad Intentions Winners, Losers and What's Next

Bad Intentions Winners, Losers and What’s Next

Published On December 15, 2015 | By Paul Thomas | Boxing News

Last weekend’s pay per view boxing event on Sky Box Office was quite entertaining, it must be said.


Congrats to Anthony Joshua on his fine win on Saturday night, and now we ask where does he go from here?

With the exception of Dereck Chisora, there’s nobody around good to challenge him for his British crown, so AJ will never win the Lonsdale belt outright. The days of Henry Cooper (he won 3 belts outright) are long gone.

After being hurt and rocked by Dillian Whyte, AJ proved he has the heart and “bottle” to come back and win. I was very impressed.

A first defence against Chisora will almost certainly follow and then a straight crack at Deontay Wilder for the W.B.C. belt will be on and, that’s a fight this boy should win.

We must give full marks to Dillian Whyte for giving Joshua such a great fight and he must now be given the support and guidance to go all the way. Can he? I’m not sure, but he deserves the chance.

If I was advising him, I would try to get him a fight for the European title and if he won this still prestigious championship, the W.B.C crown would be in his sites, as well would be whoever the I.B.F holder will be by then.

No Dillian, forget Intercontinental and International phony titles, I suggest you now move forward with meaningful contests. I would like to see Dillian against Tony Thompson.

Moving to London’s Kevin Mitchell, I would like to see Kevin call it a day he’s been in too many ‘wars’ that now seem to be catching up with him, although a fight against either Tommy Coyle or Luke Campbell would wet fans’ appetites.

Talking of Campbell, I feel he was a disappointment on Saturday night. This fine young man I don’t think has the ruggedness to get to the very top. A fight with Mitchell or Ricky Burns would be a suitable test for him next.

Chris Eubank Jr. and Gary O’Sullivan was a very good fight, but Chris’s overall class will be always too good for the brave O’Sullivan.

However Gary proved he can give anyone a good fight and a fight with Mathew Macklin or British champion Nick Blackwell would be a real ‘stormer’ in the new year.

Yes, it was a great show last Saturday – lets have more of them in 2016.

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