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WATCH: Inspiring and Prophetic Tyson Fury Underdog Video

by Niall Doran


We’re nearly a week on from what was arguably the biggest shock in the boxing world this year, but it’s far reaching effects are still reverberating around the pugilistic landscape.


When Tyson Fury dethroned Wladimir Klitschko for the Heavyweight Championship of the world, things changed, plain and simple.

But for anyone who was paying attention to some of the pre-fight predictions and quotes from Fury, you’ll know that the man said a number of times that he would win, in ultra-confident fashion.

I thought Fury’s boxing skills would surprise a lot of people but didn’t see how he could get a points decision away in Germany before hand, and thought Wlad would get the nod on points in a close fight, but I was delighted to have been proven wrong – along with many others.

Fury is a man who in reality is as genuine, raw and real as they come, nothing is manufactured and in his own words, “Nobody tells me what to do.”

An underdog who did things his way, who shocked the world.

The excellent folks at Gorilla Productions have put together a short video that looked at what Fury said before the fight, and what he delivered on the night in the ring – a must watch:

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