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James DeGale Proves His World Level Grade Once Again

by Stewart Lawrence


You can be forgive for getting pulled into the hype of the Heavyweights, but across the pond, another world champion was flying the flag for the UK.


UK churning out world champs left, right and centre

Congrats to Tyson Fury on making history last weekend, and rightly so all the headlines today are about him. But don’t forget the UK also had James DeGale step up away from home, and put his world title on the line against the very dangerous and experienced Lucian Bute, whom it was last chance saloon for.

Once again ‘Chunky’ had step up to the mark, travelled away from home and put it all on the line. People had written this fight off as an easy win for Degale. You could hear the cries of “He’s not been the same since Froch” and “He’s no good and never should have been on the same level.”


What people fail to forget is that Froch was an animal in that ring, and people don’t give him the credit he is due, really. Bute lost to a very good fighter, and is a good fighter himself, proving that by getting back into the world mix and earning a title fight.

The only person, whom was taking Bute seriously – was DeGale himself, stating on many occasion that Bute was a “good fighter” and a “dangerous one”.

Post-fight report

At a sell out crowd in Quebec city, DeGale started off fast, pushing the pace and attacking Bute, something I’ve not seen him do and want more of.

He planted his feet, bullied Bute and got some great shots off, switching hands too. What worries me about DeGale is his habit of switching off, which is what happened in the 6th (end of the 5th too).

He started moving off, putting himself on the ropes and allowed Bute to push him and set the tempo in his favor, at times.


Bute proved that he was more than finished as a fighter and landed some good shots of his own. DeGale livened up near the end nicked a few rounds (possibly), but it was something he didn’t need to do.

I’m just worried it’s something that could cause him a bigger head ache in the future, if it persists, especially as there is talk of him and Bado Jack in Vegas for June 2016.

All in all, it was a very entertaining fight. DeGale looked great early on and then okay in the later rounds. Bute put on a very solid performance it must be said, proving that he still has a lot left to offer the division.

He was also arguing at the end, gesturing to the crowd with: “What can I do?”

I don’t see what he had to complain about, as DeGale romped the first 5 rounds easily, with Bute maybe winning 4 of the last 7.

Degale once again stepped up and proved he is a legitimate world champion, and not wanting to take the easy route. Let’s hope we see more of the Degale in the first half of this fight and not the last.

If Badou Jack is to be his next opponent, he is certainly not an easy fight (ask Groves), but I can see him doing it, giving the UK another unified world champion.

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