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Tyson Fury Shocks The World – New Heavyweight Champion!

by Niall Doran


Tonight in Germany was a night that will live long into the memories of boxing fans around the globe.


It was meant to be Wladimir Klitschko’s 19th successful defense of the heavyweight championship of the world, but Tyson Fury didn’t read the script.

In the battle of the jabs between two giants of heavyweight boxing, Fury out-jabbed the champion and boxed beautifully all night to win a unanimous points decision.

Sticking and moving early on, Fury’s game plan was clear to see, that he would use his reach and boxing skills to frustrate the champion – while keeping him at distance.


Fury’s head movement was also very sharp early on, not allowing Klitschko to land anything significant on Fury as the mid rounds progressed.

Despite Fury building up an apparently significant lead as the rounds progressed, Klitschko didn’t seem to open up with any urgency by the half way point of the bout, who at this stage also was also sporting a small cut above the eye.

Klitschko came back at Fury in round 9 with some solid right hands, his best punches of the night. Fury responded brilliantly with an excellent left hook before the end of the round, as the crowd were brought to their feet.

The end of the 11th saw more drama as Fury rocked Klitschko as he rushed in, only for moments later for Fury getting a point deducted for rabbit punches as the penultimate round’s bell rang.

It was to prove to be irrelevant though, as Tyson Fury closed the show in style in a dramatic final round and ran out a comfortable winner of the fight overall, winning on points and as he predicted before the fight – ended Klitsckho’s decade reign on the heavyweight division.

As it inevitably happens in sport, as it does in life, a passing of the torch was made, where the young lion dethroned the old lion.

The world of sport experienced a seismic shift tonight, as the most coveted prize in professional sport once again came to the consciousness of the general public, as it sensationally switched hands.

Boxing has now entered a new exciting era, with one of it’s most charismatic heavyweight champions of the world in many, many years.

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